Ishqbaaz 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Anika and Shivaay are doing romance with each other. Anika tries to stop him. But Shivaay goes close to Anika. Suddenly Rudra comes there. He says it is a kitchen. Shivaay says we are talking about the work. Rudra says oh you mean you were doing the discussion on the business in this Kitchen. Anika breaks the plates. Rudra goes away from there. On the other hand Kamini torture to Soumya. She says to Soumya that we are waiting for the best moment. Then no one can save you from us. Shivaay and Anika are talking with each other. Shivaay says to Anika that please look in my eyes. Anika says if I will see in your eyes. Then who will handle this all work.

Shivaay says okay it means you are busy. Anika says yes. Anika says this Bablu remain stick with your ears. Shivaay gets shocked and he asks what are you saying who is Bablu? Anika says this device. Shivaay says oh this is Bluetooth. Anika says no from now it has a name Bablu. Suddenly broken pieces of glass pinch to Shivaay. Anika comes and asks what happened? All the family members are waiting for the choreographer. Dadi pronounces wrong. She says where he is? Suddenly the Choreographer comes there.

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Ishqbaaz 6th April Written Episode Update:

The choreographer meet to Shivaay and then he hugs to him. But he is the Duplicate Shivaay. He is thinking that what is going on? The Choreographer says that now please follow to steps. On the other hand, Shivaay and Anika are doing the dance with each other. Suddenly the Shivaay comes there and says to all family members that from all of us someone will be die. All family members get shocked. When the real Shivaay is talking with all family members then Mahi (fake Shivaay) comes there. He saw that who is he? He is going towards real Shivaay. But all family members stops to him. Then suddenly Real Shivaay disappear from there. Fake Shivaay (Mahi) thinks that why I am thinking that there is something wrong?

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Shivaay is planning something special for Fake Shivaay. Mahi (fake Shivaay) don’t know that real Shivaay is also there. Shivaay is doing some romance with Anika. All the family members are trying to divert the mind of fake Mahi. Anika revolves the talks.

Ishqbaaz 6th April Written Episode Update:

Shivaay is trying to make them understand that now I have a solid plan. All the family members ask that please tell about the plan. Shivaay says that the fake Shivaay will kill to Khanna. Khanna says okay sir I am ready to do each and everything for you. Anika says but how we can kill to Khanna without any reason. Shivaay says don’t worry I have a reason. On the other hand, Kamini is looking happy because she is thinking that Mahi is in Oberoi Mention and real Shivaay is in their trap.

After the little break all the family members are doing practice to do fake drama. Rudra come there and says oh-oh don’t do the over acting. And now I will teach you to everyone that how we will do practice. Anika is laid on the corner of the water Pool. Suddenly she again listen some noise from under the water. Rudra ask what happened Bhabhi? Anika says I listen some noise from the water. All the family members get scared.

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