Ishqbaaz 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the reception function is about to finish. Dadi is feeling so bad because of Shivaay’s announcement regarding Tia that she is his wife. But Dadi decides to talk to Shivaay about this. She says to Shivaay and Anika to share a single room on the auspicious occasion of their first wedding night. Shivaay and Anika are not getting ready for this.

Here Om and Rudra are coming to talk to Shivaay about this matter. Om is asking to Shivaay that you just tell me everything that what did you do to make Anika ready for this marriage. Don’t you tell a lie to us because we made a promise to each other that we won’t hide anything. Suddenly, Rudra is thinking about his marriage which he did with motu in a drunken state.

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Rudra says to Om that it’ not a good time to talk on this matter because all family members are looking for us. Om and Rudra are coming out from the room. Here an ACP is catching Priyanka alone in the garden and then forces her to tell the truth of an accident. She starts to say everything to him. Here Shivaay is coming in the reception party and then catches Anika’s hand.

He is taking Anika inside. Om and Rudra are thinking that maybe Shivaay was affected by our words. They smiles. Here Priyanka says to ACP that she is behind that accident because she was driving the car and she was hitting his sister on that day. She is responsible for all pain which she gave to OM bhaiya and him too.

Ishqbaaz 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Shivaay brings Anika inside the room where the room is fully decorated. Shivaay says that I want to tell you the truth that this marriage doesn’t mean to me. I don’t know whether dadi brings you here as her daughter-in-law. But I don’t consider you as my wife. But from tomorrow onwards, the divorce proceedings will get start and after some days. We will get separated. After that you will do whatever you want.

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Ishqbaaz 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

After some time, Shivaaya and Anika are going inside. Anika is crying a lot and says to Shivaay that whatever you did to me was unforgettable for me. You will definitely learn that what will happen when other people will take you life decisions and you will realize your mistake very soon. She sits on the floor and cries a lot. Shivaay is raising his hands to take her up. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 5th December 2016 written update

But then he change his mind and goes away from there. After some time, Anika is going from there. She is just about to leave the home. Dadi is coming there and asks her what happened? Anika says I am going back to my home dadi. Dadi gets emotional and says that I told you my dear, this is your house and you will stay here from now onwards. Anika is crying a lot. Suddenly, Tia is coming there and asks what happened grandmother?

Dadi scolds her and asks what are you doing here? As you clearly know that Shivaay got married to Anika thne why are you coming here. Even how dare you to go in front of media with Shivaay. How? Tia is looking shocked and she replies to her that Shivaay told me to do that. Ddai says really, he forced you and you did that. Don’t you know you snatched someone’s right. Tia gets shocked. Shivaay comes there and says to Dadi that I told her to come with me. Now I am clarifying your doubts that I don’t consider Anika as my wife, I am considering Tia as my wife.

Suddenly, all other family members are also coming there. All people are saying to Shivaay that you did wrong and we agree maa in this matter. Only Shivaay’s mother is not ready to accept Anika as her daughter-in-law. But other people are ready to accept Anika. Shivaay clearly says no. Dadi says that this is a big truth which will never get change.

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