Ishqbaaz 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Omkara is saying to Shivaay and Rudra that I am responsible for this condition of Jhanvi. Rudra and Shivaay and giving an emotional support to Omkara. After some time, Shivaay is going to his room where Anika is trying to make him understand that you don’t worry, we will definitely find out the real culrpit. Shivaay says that I know you are innocent Anika but I have to think that who did this? Anika says him to take rest. But Shivaay says that no Anika, I have to think right now. After some time, Shivaay gtes asleep and then gets down in Anika’s laps. A song plays on,”Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karega, Jaise Main Karti Hun.”

Later Shivaay gets up and asks why didn’t she get him up? Anika says you need rest Shivaay. But he is not ready to take rest. He starts to think about the party. Suddenly, he sees one camera there. He asks whose camera is this? Anika says the camera man who was coming with Chadda’s then he forgot his camera. So I brought this camera here.

Shivaay says that we have to check out this camera because definitely he recorded video of that function. They starts to check out the camera and seeing all video together. They are coming to the conlusion that Tia did this. Shivaay thinks that why was Tia doing this? What will she get from this plannig? Anika says I don’t know but she is so smart and that’s why she is doing all this. Suddenly, Shivaay says that maybe there is some connection in between Tia and Svetlana.

Ishqbaaz 6th February 2017 Written Update:

In the morning, Shivaay is talking to someone about Tia. Shivaay says someone to investigate everything about Tia. Anika comes there and says that Tia is a culprit but we have to find out this. Later they heard someone’s sound. Anika is coming downstairs where she sees Rudra to talk someone about the dress. He says that I didn’t order any dress for an engagement then why I take this. Anika comes there and asks what happened? Svetlana is coming there and says that this dress is mine. Today is my engagment. Anika and Rudra are getting shocked. Aniks runs towards her room very badly. She says Shivaay that, “Raita fail gaya Hai.”

She try hard to talk to Shivaay but he is busy in his work. Anika shouts and says that why are you ignoring me? Why don’t you hear my words? It’s urgent and important too. Shivaay says I know what do you want to say, you just say”Raita Fail Gaya” and all. Anika says no, the news is Svetlana is going to engage today. Shivaay gets shocked and says Bade Papa. Anika says yes your bade papa is going to do an engagement with her. Read more-> Ishqbaaz 7th February 2017 written update.

Shivaay is coming in the hall room where he asks about Omkara and Tej Singh Oberoi. All family members are coming there and asks what happened? Why are you looking so much scared? Dadi gets scared. Shakti comes there and says that Tej bhaiya was going to an office early morning because of his urgent meeting. Dadi asks billu what happened? Is everything alright. Rudra says you just wait dadi.

Ishqbaaz 6th February 2017 Written Episode

Soumya is coming to talk to Rudra that is everything alright? Rudra shouts on her and says that you are responsible for all problems. Only your presence can do this. Soumya asks really. Rudra says yes. Soumya asks how I am responsible for this? What I did? Rudra says that if you didn’t keep manglasutra with you then Anika bhabhi was not seeing it and nobody knew about our marriage. Soumya says I said no to Shivaay bhaiya just like you. Rudra says but your face is not looking so. Here Dadi asks Anika what happened? Anika replies that Tej Uncle is going to do engagement with Svetlana. Dadi gets shocked. Shakti asks Dadi how can bhai sahab do this?


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  1. Nisinonda

    Really Tej engaged with swatlana or something else happen. waiting for this episode. what will Billu Ji do? I can’t wait. love Ishqbaaz.great fan of SSO.

  2. Kavitha

    I am very big fan of this serial… I am also expecting the same love care affection from my family.. But here in my family all are well educated but they will not talk love and care about each other in my family.. Too much of privacy.. My family is going under this (privacy) mask… I really want a family like ishqbaaz..i don’t want anything else from my in laws family.. When will they realize.. Till that I will get die.. I love my family (mothers family is same like ishqbaaz) I wanna same in my in laws family.. Please god help me.

  3. Shivika

    I love ishqbaaz and all charters. but I think my real family is better than ishqbaaz.please don’t mind for my comment. because my family members always stand with each other n they love each other. ishqbaaz family and my family often same.I ♥ my family and ishqbaaz also.keep entertaining us.

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