Ishqbaaz 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 6th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay says to Anika that I told you to handle everything but you denied to say sorry to her. If you told sorry to her then everything was getting alright. Anika says that I didn’t do mistake then why I told say sorry to her. Even she was saying so many bad words for Sahil even in front of him. Then how could I say sorry to her. Shivaay says that if you say sorry then Priyanku’s relations was never getting breakdown. But you did that and her relationship was breaking down.

Anika says that she is not happy with this relationship. Then why I am forcing her to marry him. Even she is not happy with this. Shivaay asks who told you all this. Anika says that let me show you everything. Here Priyanka is seeing a video in which Shivaay was killing three people on the road with his car. Suddenly, ACP calls her and says that if you want to save Shivaay then you have to marry me soon.

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Ishqbaaz 6th March Written Episode Update:

Here Anika is coming there and says to Priyanka that I know you didn’t see Ranveer. So that’s why I know you ddin’t love and you don’ want to marry him. Priyanka is recalling Ranveer’s words and says to Anika that I want to marry Ranveer because I love him a lot. Anika gets shocked. Shivaay says to Anika that see, what my sister is saying to us. Anika says that I am Priyanka’s best friend and after that, I am not understanding her feelings. Shivaay says it’s ok. Later they call Kamini there. Anika says sorry to her and says her to forget everything and accepts Priyanka as your daughter-in-law. Ranveer says to Kamini that Anika bhabhi said sorry to us then you will accept this relation. Kamini says I forget everything but what about your manu? Suddenly, Daksh is coming there and says what is going on here without me? Anika gets shocked to see Daksh there. Kamini introduces Daksh as her younger brother.

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Ishqbaaz 6th March Written Episode Update:

Daksh is coming there and says that if Anika will touch my foot and says sorry to me then I am ready for this relationship. Shivaay is getting angry and stops all this. Anika makes him remember that we are here for Priyanka’s relationship. So that’s why I am ready to say sorry to Daksh. Finally, he says sorry to Daksh and makes him ready for this relationhip.

Kamini says that if her younger brother was here then we don’t know what he did with you people after to see all this. Shivaay says sorry to her again. Even Anika will support Shivaay in making Kamini relax. But after a lot of efforts, Kamini accepts their sorry and ready to sit there. Shivaay says that it was just misunderstanding and nothing else. Shakti says that now this relationship is final. Everybody is getting so happy to hear this.

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