Ishqbaaz 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Dadi and all family members are coming in the hall room where dadi is scolding Tia by saying that you are not Shivaay’s wife, you are just a guest here. Only Shivaay’s mother is accepting Tia and nobody else is ready to accept Anika as a daughter-in-law. Tia makes a drama and about to fall. Shivaay’s mother is asking here what happened? She says that I am feeling pain in my foot.

She says that someone’s black evil eye was putting on you. Let me give you a treatment. They are going from there. After this, all family members are going from there. Anika is going from there. But Dadi stops her and says that you won’t go anywhere else because this is your home. Anika says I don’t have any reason to stay here. Dadi says that you got married to Shivaay and maybe it’s a big reason to stay here.

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Dadi is trying to make her ready to stay here at any cost. Here Tia is in Shivaay’s room where she is doing an emotional atyachaar on Shivaay by saying that everything has been changed now, I got kidnapped and my mom is upset from my side. I am getting so tensed to see the tensed environment of this house. So that I want to forget this universe and want to spend all time with you only. She says please hold me tightly Shivaay. Hold me.

Ishqbaaz 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Dadi says to Anika that whatever Shivaay is saying to you. But I am an owner of this house and according to me, you are a daughter-in-law of this house. Here Tia is going in Shivaay’s room and starts to do a romance with him. She is coming near to him and starts to hug him. All over, Tia is doing hard to come closer to Shivaay.

Suddenly, Dadi opens the door and comes inside with Anika. They both are getting shocked to see Shivaay and Tia intimate. Dadi scolds Tia very badly and sends her outside the room by scolding her badly. Click here> Ishqbaaz 6th December 2016 written Update. Dadi says to Tia that I know what are you trying to do now. Apart from this I also know you want to marry Shivaay now.

But whenever you won’t marry him, you have no right to stay in Shivaay’s room before marriage. Till then Anika is staying here because she is Anika’s place not Tia. So that Tia will shift to the¬†guest room and Anika will stay here. Rudra is coming there and says that let me show you the way of guest room. He sings a song just to make Tia jealous and that is,’ Tia gai guest room, kia hai vahan se¬†telephoon, ki tumhari yaad stati hai.’ He laughs.

After this, he takes Tia to the guest room. Here Dadi says to Shivaay that never give your wife place to anyone else. This time, Anika is your wife. So that she will stay here with you. Apart from this, as you said you can do anything for Oberoi’s respect then remember, Anika is Oberoi’s daughter-in-law. So you have to respect her and keep her here too. Anika says ok.

Here an Inspector takes Priyanka along with him. He takes her in a stranger home. Pinku is getting scared and asks what is this? Whose place is this? Here Dadi says to Anika that you don’t worry, I will send Soumya there to care of your brother Sahil. So you don’t worry. Here Rudra is reciting some poems to Om. He says to Om that Universe wanted Shivaay and Anika’s marriage not of Tia’s marriage. Suddenly, Soumya is coming there and says that I am going to Anika’s home because Sahil is alone there. Om says we are also coming with you. I am going to bring

Suddenly, Soumya is coming there and says that I am going to Anika’s home because Sahil is alone there. Om says we are also coming with you. I am going to bring Pinku here. Om is going in Pinku’s room and doesn’t get her. Here ACP shows that his sister is alive now. Om makes a call to Pinku and asks her where is she? Pinku takes a call and informs him everything. He gets shocked and sitting on the bed.

Ishqbaaz 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Here Soumya is going to Sahil’s home where they are talking to each other. Sahil starts to like Soumya and he starts to ask her a number of questions like her likes and dislikes. He can asks that she is emotional or not? He is staring at Soumya and gets mesmerized to see her beauty. Here Anika says to Shivaay that you don’t worry, I am going out from here now because I don’t want to see you whole night into my room. So that I am going outside but you don’t worry, till dadi will come here in the morning, I will come back into the room. She is going outside and sits near to the swimming pool. Here Shivaay is thinking about Anika and a song is playing on,’Tu Hai Mere Jeene Ki Vajah.’

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