Ishqbaaz 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Tej Singh Oberoi is coming there and says that I am going to do this. Even nobody stops me from doing an engagement with Svetlana. Shakti Oberoi and Dadi are getting shocked. Rudra, Anika, and Shivaay are also coming there. Tej Singh Oberoi calls Svetlana and says that I am ready to engage you. Finally, the day has com for which we were waiting badly from last some years.

Svetlana comes there and gives her hand in Omkara’s hand instead of Tej Singh Oberoi. Everybody gets shocked. Svetlana asks Omkara that where were you? I am waiting for you badly. Omkara replies that I was searching out the best ring for you. Even ring must have beautiful as you. Svetlana gives her hand on Omkara’s hand and then he makes her wear a ring. Omkara and Svetlana are exchanging their rings.

After this, Omkara says to all that we are getting engaged now. Don’t you people congratulate us. Tej Singh shouts very badly and asks Svetlana what happened? But Svetlana smiles only and doesn’t give any reply to Tej. Omkara ¬†says to Tej that your anger affects your old age and then smiles a lot. Omkara asks Svetlana to go inside. Both are going inside. Shakti says to Dadi that only Jhanvi bhabhi will handle Omkara now. Dadi asks who will we inform Jhanvi about this.

Ishqbaaz 7th February 2017 Written Update:

Anika is trying to stop Omkara. But Omkara says that don’t you say anything to me bhabhi because I already took my decision. Here Anika and Rudra are talking to Shivaay and says him to talk to Omkara now. But Shivaay is replying that I don’t do anything because Omkara already took his decision. Shivaay is coming in his room. Rudra says to Anika that why is bhaiya doing this?

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Anika says that you don’t worry, I will talk to him. Anika is coming into her room and try to talk to Shivaay. But he is behaving very normal. Anika says whatever Omkara was doing, that was completely strange but now your behavior is more strange as compared to him. Shivaay says that if Omkara is taking any decision then he is doing right. Anika says it means you are thinking like marriage is nothing.

Marriage is just a deal. Shivaay says that it’s just a decision for the happiness of this family. Similarly, I did with my life by getting marry to you. Only for the family, Rudra was taking the same decision. He was getting ready to marry Chadda’s daughter. Even you Anika, you married to me because you want to save your brother’s life. So that, everybody can do anything only for their profit. Anika says I never understand you Shivaay, you are different. Shivaay says I am same as always, I am living only for my family, name, and blood. Anika gets hurt.

Svetlana and Omkara are coming into the room. Svetlana says that I was running behind Tej only for the property or even I want to become an owner of Oberoi Mansion. But today my dream is going to happen. Suddenly, you are coming in between my way. But it’s really enjoyable to get engage with you instead of Tej. Your new Omkara avatar is really exciting.

Omkara is saying that what do you want? Svetlana says that you are talking just like Shivaay. Omkara is looking so much angry. Svetlana says that I left Tej Singh Oberoi who is an owner of 5000 Cr. But you are an ordinary painter. Your paintings worth rupee 5-10 lakh only. So what will you give to me? Omkara says you just tell me about your need? Svetlana says that I want 100 crores. Omkara says ok.

Ishqbaaz 7th February 2017 Written Episode

Svetlana says that I am so happy to see everybody in pain. Here you are in pain, there Tej, and your mother Jhanvi is in pain. Omkara gets angry and he catches Svetlana’s face very badly. He says that I engaged with you because I want to keep you away from my father and mother’s life. Svetlana gets scared and says you are getting changed. Suddenly, she gets Tia’s phone. She is appreciating the step of Svetlana due to which all Oberoi family got shattered. Tia added that now it’s her turn. She will be going to give an attack to Oberoi family. Svetlana says ok.

Here Tia is coming to meet Shivaay with some papers. He asks what is this? Tia says that my mother is getting¬†tensed to think about our baby because you are not giving me an attention to me. So that we people are scared. For this, we want your signature on these papers which are saying that you are going to invest 100 cr. in trust and due to which my baby’s future will get safe.

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