Ishqbaaz 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Omkara says to Shivaay that if anybody can get happiness as compared to his/her dignity then it would be the big deal for anyone. So you have o think about this relationship again. Shivaay replies that we have to think about Priyanka’s happiness and nothing else. Rudra asks what about Anika bhabhi’s happiness. Shivaay says I will never let Daksh touch Anika’s shade. Anika looks on.

Later Anika is getting scared to think about Daksh. She falls down but someone comes there and handles her carefully. She looks back. Daksh is there. She says him to leave her now and never come near to her. Daksh puts Anika in the bathtub and hence Anika gets conscious. He smiles and says her to get scared from him now. Anika looks on very angrily.

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Ishqbaaz 7th March Written Episode Update:

After some time, Pinky says to Anika to bring coconuts from the storeroom. Anika is going there to bring coconuts. Daksh is going behind her there. Then he comes in front of Anika and says sorry to him. Anika recalls all past moments and then gets scared from Daksh presence there. He stares at her and then leaves from there. But then Daksh close store room door and then Anika gets scared. He hears Daksh sound outside the door.

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Anika panics and then shouts for the help. Someone holds her and then she looks behind. It’s Shivaay not Daksh. Anika gets happy. She hugs him and says thank you to him for holding her in his arms.  Shivaay says you don’t worry, I am Shivaay and I never let anything happen wrong with you. Anika is looking here and there. Shivaay asks what happened? Anika says I saw Daksh here.

Ishqbaaz 7th March Written Episode Update:

He holds her and says that nobody will do wrong with you in my presence. So you just chill and gets relax. Shivaay added that my brothers called me the hard wall which is known as Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Even I know about your feeling that what did you think when you saw Daksh in front of you. Shivaay added that nobody will touch you wrong when Shivaay is alive.

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