Ishqbaaz 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Anika is coming back into her room where Shivaay is also getting up in the morning. He is looking so much tired. He sees it’s 5:30 now. He is looking for Anika and he gets Anika near to swimming pool in a sleeping mode. He is trying to make her up  but she is not getting up. Here Pinky and her jethani are in the kitchen where Tia is coming.

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She wishes them a very good morning and then hugs Pinky aunty. Pinky says that why are you calling me aunty. From now onwards you will call me Pink mom and calls her as badi mom. Tia says ok and then calls them by these names. Here Anika gets up and asks what happened? Shivaay says that everything is fine now, but everything will be getting ruined if dadi will come here.

Here Dadi is coming there and says to Tia that I want to talk to my daughter-in-laws about their daughter-in-law. So you have to leave from here. Tia is going from there. Pinky asks what happened mummy ji. Why were you sending Tia outside. Is she a stranger girl? Dadi says that she is not a part of this home, she is only a guest. The reality is Anika is a daughter-in-law of this house.

Jhanvi is interrupting in between. Dadi says that sometimes Tej took a hand of another woman in front of all people and leaving you aside. That time I considered you as my daughter-in-law, not that woman. Similarly, Shivaay took seven wedding rounds with Anika not Tia. This is reality and you people will accept it as soon as possible. So that Anika will do all the rituals with Shivaay.

After some time, Dadi is coming there and touches dadi’s feet. Dadi is giving best blessings to her and says her to get ready for the marriage ritual. She is also giving a beautiful dress to Anika to wear in this ritual.

After some time, when Anika is getting ready and comes downstairs. Tia is also coming there and says to her to get into her limits because she is just a substitute in the marriage for Shivaay and nothing else. Apart from this, I will do next ritual with Shivaay. You just wait and watch. Anika says that whatever you will do. I am Shivaay’s wife and I will perform all rituals now because I have so many blessings of elders of this home and I will never let them down. Ta gets shocked. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 7th December 2016 written update

Ishqbaaz 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Here Soumya, Pinku, Jhanvi, and Pinky are doing preparations of the rituals. Dadi is coming there and gets so happy to see all the preparations. Here Tia is commenting Anika by saying that you are snatching my clothes, husband, and family. Anika says that I am a daughter-in-law of this house. So that I can get all this. Dadi calls Anika for the ritual. Rudra asks Dadi who will find out the ring first then he/she will dominate.

Rudra asks about the significance behind this rituals. Om, Rudra, Pinky, and Jhanvi are enjoying there with Dadi to ask about the rituals. Suddenly, Anika is coming there. Dadi says that see Anika is coming there. She says to put this ring in the kachi lassi. Dadi says to Pinky to make your daughter-in-law to sit for the ritual. Suddenly, Tia is coming there and then asks what I am sitting now? I am here.

Pinky stops her from sitting anywhere. She says that the daughter-in-law of this house will perform this ritual with Shivaay not you. Tia gets shocked and Pinky too. Dadi says to Pinky that you are my good daughter-in-law and I know you are my so cute. Pinky says that your words are on my eyelids always. Dadi gets so happy and says that where is Shivaay. Tia says that he won’t do this ritual because he can’t consider Anika as his wife. Suddenly, Shivaay is coming there.

He says that sorry I was on an important phone call. Tell me where will I sit? Dadi says to him here my dear. Tia asks will you do this ritual?  Shivaay says yes I will do this for dadi. Finally, Anika and Shivaay are doing that ritual. Tia gets fume very badly. Here Soumya and Rudra are also doing the same by chance.

Ishqbaaz 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

After some time, when Shivaay and Anika are playing a game then both are finding out the ring at the same time. Dadi laughs a lot and says that same thing was happened with me and your dada’s during marriage time. We were getting in a love just like a superb ishqbaaz’s. So that Shivaay and Anika will be becoming ishqbaaz very soon. Shivaay is getting irritated and then goes behind Tia.

He can ask Tia that where are you going now? She says that I am feeling so ignored and bad. If you wanted then you said no to dadi but you can do that which made me felt like so. Tia asks who is your wife? Just tell me. He says that what kind of question is this? She says I want an answer. He says you are my wife. She replies that you have to prove this. If you want to di any ritual then you will di everything with me not with Anika.

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