Ishqbaaz 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay is about to do his signatures on Tia’s papers. But Anika is coming there. She stops Shivaay from doing signatures by saying that you are doing wrong. Shivaay asks who are you to suggest me? He goes upstairs. Anika goes behind him. She says that whenever you can take a¬†wrong decision then I always stop you from doing anything wrong.¬†Shivaay gets angry and hits Anika behind. She falls own from the first floor. She bleeds badly. Shivaay runs downstairs and then try to get her up. But a lot of blood is coming out from Anika’s head. Shivaay gets shattered very badly. Tia smiles. Shivaay is getting shattered to see this. Rudra and Omkara are coming there. They are bringing Anika in the room and then calls Doctor there. He is giving a full treatment to Anika and then Shivaay is coming there. He says to Anika that I am so sorry, I didn’t do anything intentionally. I can do everything in my anger. Suddenly, Anika says that who are you and who I am? Shivaay says don’t you crack any joke. Anika says don’t you say anything to me. Even you can’t touch me. Shivaay gets shattered.

Ishqbaaz 8th February 2017 Written Update:

He is coming outside and informs everyone about Anika’s memory loss. Rudra and all other people are getting shocked too. Shakti asks what Doctor said to you about her? Shivaay says that Doctor says her injury is not so big. So that she faces a memory loss. But this is short-term memory loss and she will recover soon. Tia gets happy and the informs Svetlana about this news. Later Svetlana is coming there to meet Anika. Here Anika is sitting like a stranger.

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Svetlana sends a letter to Anika. She takes that letter and reads out it. Anika reads that her life is in danger and someone is trying to kill her. So she has to keep her separate from everyone in this house. Anika gets scared to think that someone is trying to kill her. Dadi, Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra are coming to meet Anika. A song plays on,”Dushman Hazaro Hai Meri Jaan Ki.” Anika gets scared to see them. Ddai says to Anika to take rest. Shivaay says that you have to take rest and don’t think much. You need a rest. Anika gets scared. Shivaay is going near to Anika. She screams and says that I know you all are a killer and you are trying to kill me. Priyanka and Shivaay are trying to control her. But she runs away from there.

Ishqbaaz 8th February 2017 Written Episode

After some time, Shivaay is coming to talk to Anika again. Shivaay says that my ganji eyes want to say something. Actually, Shivaay is trying to bring her memory back. But Anika is running away from there. Shivaay says I am not your enemy. Anika asks who are you? Shivaay gets silent and then goes from there. After this, Tia is coming near to Anika. Anika asks what is my name? Tia replies that your name is Kalawati Thakur. Anika says ok finally I come to know that my name is Kalawati Thakur. Tia says that I am your friend not enemy, Anika trust her. Tia says her that now I am going from here and you will take care of yourself.

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