Ishqbaaz 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which some client are coming to the Oberoi’s mansion where all family members are getting busy in the preparations to welcome those clients. But some time, when Shivaay is saying to them for the lunch and comes on the dining table now. They are coming near to the dining table and asks where is Mrs. Shivaay Oberio. You didn’t introduce her yet.

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Anika and Tia, both are present there. Anika thinks that will he take her name or not? Apart from this, all other family members are also there. Shivaay takes Anika’s name and says that she is my wedding planner Click here-> Ishqbaaz 8th December 2016 written update . My wife is Tia. Suddenly, Tia says I am here. She is going at Shivaay’s side. She starts to talk to them and never give then a chance to say anything.

Tia says that let we do some wedding rituals now and where will I sit here. Pinky says that you have to sit here. Mrs. Chabra says that what type of bridal she is? She is not wearing any mangalsutra, sindoor, and all. Where are they? Even your wedding planner is looking a perfect newly married bride. I am sure she loves her husband  a lot. So that’s why she is wearing everything for her husbands’ long life.

Ishqbaaz 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Pinky says that Tia is so modern. So that’s why she is not wearing all these things. Apart from this, she didn’t like the design of Mangalsutra. Mrs. Chabra says that she have to apply a sindoor definitely before to do this ritual. Suddenly, Tia’s mother is coming there and  says that here I am bringing a sindoor for my daughter Tia, I know she forgot sindoor.

She says to Shivaay to fill sindoor in Tia’s head now. Rudra and OM are getting angry to see this. Rudra is going to stop all this. But Om stops him from going anywhere. Suddenly, Tia’s mother is falling down and then sindoor is going directly into Anika’s head and Tia’s eyes. Tia is getting hurt very badly. Om says that sindoor is going at it’s right place.

Rudra and Om are getting happy to see this. Tia’s mother is getting angry to see them laughing and getting into the controversy with each other very badly. She calls Anika as an ordinary wedding planner. But she is really a cheap girl. Om says that she is not a cheap girl, she is Shivaay’s wife and our bhabhi too. Here Dadi says to Anika to take Tia into the room and makes her to clean down.

Anika says that you have to use water for cleaning your eyes. Tia is not ready to use simple water. She says to Anika that I want a rose water and now you have to give me a rose water from my purse. Anika takes one bottle and gives sit to Tia. She sprays into her eyes and shouts very badly because she sprays something else into her eyes instead of rose water. Tia says to Anika that you will do anything, I will do this ritual with Shivaay and nobody else.

After some time, Tia’s mother is going to meet Tia and says her to go fast and do that ritual with Shivaay. She says that I am getting so tired and my eyes are paining very badly. Her mother is hurting her very badly and says her to do this ritual at any cost. Here Rudra calls Anika as bhabhi and starts to do a dance with her. After this Shivaay is coming there. Rudra and Om are making everything to complete the ritual. Suddenly, Anika is falling down and then Shivaay catches her.

Ishqbaaz 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Om says that Anika is getting faint and let’s her to eat something. Shivaay makes her eat and then Anika makes him eat something. After this, Om says to Dadi that we have completed this ritual. All people are getting so happy to see this except Shivaay and Pinky. Suddenly, Tia’s mother is coming there and says to Shivaay that you are celebrating here and my daughter Tia is in pain.

Shivaay is going to meet Tia and asks her what happened? Tia says that your so called wife hurt me very badly by spraying a pepper spray into my eyes. Shivaay asks Anika? She says really you are calling Anika as your wife. She says that you have to take revenge from her at any cost. Thereafter, I will trust you. After some time, Anika is coming there. Shivaay asks her that why were you spraying pepper spray into her eyes. Anika says no I didn’t. Shivaay says Tia told me to do this. Anika says you trust only Tia not me. He takes Anika in his arms and through her in the swimming pool. He is also jumping inside it. He catches Anika from her back and brings her close to him.

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