Ishqbaaz 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Anika is roaming here and there. Shivaay asks what are you doing here? Anika says I am trying to search out my home. Shivaay says this is your home and you are staying here. Anika says no this is not my home. Shivaay shouts at her and brings her inside the room, Then, he says to Anika that this is your room. Anika says this is my room. Wow, this is not my room because the sofa, curtains, bed, and room paint color is not my favorite.

Shivaay says see Anika, this is my room. Anika says see now you are saying that this is your room. Shivaay says I mean this is our room. Anika says don’t you try to make me fool and I know my name. My name is Kumari Kalawati Thakur. Shivaay gets shocked and asks Are you mad? Shivaay starts to use Anika’s favorite words like ganji aakhen, tadibaaj, khidki tod, and much more. But Anika is not recovering her memory. She says that I was coming here for some work but you people kept me here.

Anika says to Shivaay to stay away from her. But Shivaay is coming near to her. Anika throws a water on his face very badly. Shivaay shouts and asks what are you doing this? How dare you to throw this water on me. Rudra is coming there and gets shocked to see this. Anika comes out from there. She meets Anika and says that I trust you only. Only you are the person who helps me out from all situations.

Ishqbaaz 9th February 2017 Written Update:

Rudra and Shivaay are getting shocked to see this. Rudra says sautan bani saheli. Wow. Here Shivaay says to Tia that what is this? Tia says you don’t worry Shivaay, I will handle her. Tia brings Anika in Svetlana’s room. Anika says that I want to go out from this house. Tia says Svetlana will help you, You will trust her. Anika goes inside with Svetlana and then wear some fancy clothes.

Anika and Svetlana are wearing clothes just like bar dancers. They are standing on the dining table by wearing such type of clothes. All family members are coming there. Anika and Svetlana are starting to dance on the song,”Naagin, Naagin, Naagin Aae Dance Nachna.”  All people are getting shocked to see Anika and Svetlana together in such type of situation. Dadi is trying to stop them. Read more-> Ishqbaaz 10th February 2017 written update

Shivaay brings Anika in the room. She screams and says him to leave her right now. Shivaay says her to keep quite. Anika says if you try to do something wrong with me then I will make a complaint against you in the Police Station because my name is Kalawati Thakur. Shivaay points a knife on Anika’s neck and says that you will do whatever I say to you. Shivaay says her that you are my wife and your name is Anika.

Ishqbaaz 9th February 2017 Written Episode

Shivaay says her that you will do whatever I will say to you. If I will say you to sit down then you will sit, if I will say you to eat food then you will eat, and if I will say you to sleep down then you will get sleep. One last thing, if you ever try to run away from this house then I will never leave you. Anika says ok I will do everything on your orders. Shivaay says her to do a pinky promise. Suddenly, Anika is running outside. She loooks so much scared. Dadi says her that Billu is your husband and he can never do wrong of you. Suddenly, Shivaay calls Anika. dadi sends hee inside.

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