Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts with the scene in which the Atharva is saying to his mother that you know very well that I have a short life and that’s why I don’t want to marry Vividha because I don’t want to spoil her life. So that’s why you have to stay here and I am going to leave this home. His mother replies that what will I do here after you. So that’s why I will go with you. If we both will go from here then, they all will go out to search out us. But you have to stay here. So that, you will handle all people here. Here Vividha’s mother says to her that I just want you to see happy with Atharva and this is my last dream of my life. Atharva says to his mother that you just tell me about the way like from where I will run away from this home.

Vividha is getting ready for the marriage and says that I won’t let Atharva go from here. She is looking so happy and a song plays on,”Hogya Hai Mujhe Pyaar.” After some time, Vividha is coming in a mandap where Pandit is sitting for the pooja. Here Atharva is saying to his mother that you know very well about my health. So that’s why I won’t go downstairs because Vividha will force me to marry her. Ravish is coming near to Vividha and says that I am so happy to see you happy.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st February 2017 Written Update:

Here Atharva says to his mother that I don’t want to spend my last breaths with anyone else not even with you. He is saying all this because his mother forced him to make a call after to go outside. She added that I am your mother and that’s why I don’t want to live without you. He replies that I know you are my mother and that’s why I don’t want to give any pain to you because I know you will be getting break down by seeing me in any pain. He added that you will give all love to Ravish and Vividha. Please do whatever I tell you. I am giving my all responsibilities to you. So you please do this.

Atharva says to his mother that you won’t tell anyone about my problem. Even you won’t say anything to anyone that I am alive or I am dead. She is crying a lot. Someone is ringing on the door. Atharva says her to keep quite and wipe your tears. Atharva is going from there.  Ravish is coming here and asks her where is Atharva? She replies that he is going outside to bring something. Ravish asks why? This is not the right time to go outside. She replies I also said the same but he didn’t hear me. Ravish says her to come downstairs. She replies that you may go now and I am coming after some time.

So that Atharva runs away. Vividha is waiting for Atharva in a mandap. She asks his mother about him. She stands silent there. Ravish says you don’t worry, Atharva is coming here soon. But Atharva is going away from there and recalling all the words which were said by Vividha to him. Ravish is trying to make everyone’s mood happy by playing a dholak. But Vividha is looking very tensed.

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st February 2017 Written Episode:

Here Atharva is sitting alone and thinking a lot. One Doctor is coming there and asks Atharva what happened? Why are you looking tensed? Atharva replies him to please leave him alone for some time. That man replies that I am a Doctor and it’s my duty to look after the people who are in the problem. What happened? Do you leave your girlfriend? Atharva replies that I left my girl friend? He asks why? Atharva says that my expiry date is coming because I am suffering by a big problem. So you don’t think about me, you just go and look after those patients who are having a hope to live. Then, Doctor says I know you can’t live without Vividha. Then why are you leaving her? Atharva asks how do you know? Then, the doctor replies that you took Vividha’s name so many times from last some time. Atharva sits there and says him that I have a problem in my mind through which my life is getting short. Then, Doctor replies that your decision is not right of leaving Vividha. If you can spend two months with her then she will spend her life with your memories. But now you didn’t give any memory to her then how will she live? Even I just want to see your reports. Here all people are calling Atharva because Vividha is sitting in a mandap. But here Atharva is not picking her call. Here Doctor is checking out Atharva’s reports and everything.

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