Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts with the scene in which the four-year leap is coming in the show. After this leap, it shows that Vividha is running behind a little boy and calls him Madhav. She is trying to stop him from running. But he is running continuously. Later he asks Madhav why are you coming here. He calls Vividha as mother and Vividha is looking married. Vividha is running behind him and he is untying all the buffalo in Lalji’s herd. Madhav replies that I am coming here because I like Lal ji’s herd. So that’s why I am coming here to check out that how Lal ji’s tabela is more good as compare to us. So that’s why I did this, you are my mummy and after that you are asking all this.

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Madhav starts to run towards his home. Vividha is running behind him and says that I will make your complaint to your father. Here a man is working in the herd where Vividha and Madhav are coming there. Vividha says that your son is getting so notorious and that’s why you have to control him now. Ravish gets up and says that he is not my son, he is your’s son too. Vividha looks on.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Ravish is coming there and lifts Madhav in his arms. Vividha says that if someone will come here with Madhav’s complaint then you will deal with them. Ravish laughs and makes him sit on the cow. Vividha is coming inside and calls dadi, dadi. Vividha’s dadi is coming there and asks what happened? Why are you shouting? Vividha says I want to ask where is dadi number 2?

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Indumati is also coming there and says that everybody is getting jealous because of my makeup. But whatever is going on. Vividha is calling her maa and asks what happened? Why didn’t we deliver this order yet? If we don’t send this order on time then it affects our reputation and trust. Her mother replies that you don’t worry, we will send this order soon. Suddenly, a man is coming there and says that I am coming from Mehta’s side.

Vividha says we already delivered their order then what happened? Is everything alright? He replies that Mr. Mehta sends a gift for you on your marriage anniversary and that is, 2 nights-3 days Shimla trip. Vividha gets shocked but she controls her emotions. Vividha’s mother says her to hug Ravish on this special day. Indumati says this is too old, you have to kiss each other. Vividha says what?

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Sujata is coming there and gives her blessing to Vividha and Ravish. After this, she is coming back into her room where she starts to see Atharva’s photo. Vividha is coming there and asks her that you are keeping his photo yet. Why? He betrayed me very badly and left me alone in the mandap. After this, you are looking at his photo. Please don’t do this because this will hurt you only. Otherwise, you won’t control your emotions. Vividha added that if you are not supporting me then I never getting a power to marry Ravish that time. You supported me every time and that’s why I am standing here in this life. Sujata is crying a lot. Vividha is giving an emotional support to Sujata.

Later Sujata thinks that I know you are alive Atharva but you missed me or not? Here Atharva is gyming and looking so cool dude. He is in the gym and when he wipe his sweat and some girls are looking at him. Atharva says them to do workout now. No pain no gain. After this, he is coming out from the gym. He is becoming so rich and he talks to her PA that he will be going to open his new fitness center soon then she has to fix meeting asap. Later he gets someone’s call and says that I am coming home maa. You don’t worry, I will reach there soon because I don’t forget that today is my marriage anniversary. So you don’t take tension, I am coming home now. He is sitting inside her Audi and goes to his home. Finally, Atharva is reaching at his home. He rings up the door bell. Atharva is coming in the room and calls a girl as baby and gives some flowers to her. She is calling Atharva as Raghav and then he hugs her. Both are a couple.

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