Kapil Sharma threw a Shoe towards Sunil Grover: Kapil and Sunil Tweets

Kapil Sharma threw a Shoe towards Sunil Grover in Drunk State: Kapil and Sunil Grover Tweets | Why Sunil Grover Decide to quit from The Kapil Sharma Show

The most and top trending news all over the internet that Kapil Sharma used the abuses words for Sunil Grover and other crew and cast. Actually, what happened on the 20th march 2017. Kapil Sharma and other team members were traveling from Australia to India after the show. Kapil Sharma and the team were in the business class. Kapil takes the Glenfiddich Whisky bottle. He consumed the complete whisky in the flight. Then they ordered the food and all in the flight. The crew starts eating the food before Kapil Sharma. Kapil gets angry and starts saying that how they can eat before him.

Kapil says to all start cast that “Jab Maine khaana suru nahi kiya toh tum logo ne kaise le liya khaana?” “Kapil got up, took off his shoe, and hit Sunil,” says the source, adding, “He also pulled Sunil’s collar, and repeatedly slapped him.”

Kapil Sharma threw a Shoe towards Sunil Grover:

Kapil Sharma threw a Shoe towards Sunil Grover Kapil and Sunil Tweets

A female member of the Kapil show also gets hit by Kapil. Sunil Grover was trying to make him understand that please don’t create any scene. But Kapil completely loses the Consciousness. The report says that Kapil was not ready to listen to anyone. He was doing anything. Kiku, Ali Asgar, and Chandan are also looking upset from the behavior of Kapil. They also don’t report at the time of the shoot. Sunil Grover miss the two days of the shoot.

Why Sunil Grover quit the Show: The Kapil Sharma Show

The sources said that Kapil said to the complete cast and crew “Tum logon ko maine banaya hai. Sabka career khatam kar dunga. Tum TV waale kya samajhte ho? Sabko nikaal dunga main,” says the source. To Sunil Grover, he kept repeating, “Gaya tha na tu toh. Aaya na waapas mere hi paas”.

Now this news has become more trending. Kapil said sorry to Sunil Grover on the tweeter. Sunil Grover also replied to him. We are providing the tweets of the Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover.

Sunil Grover is so much upset from Kapil Sharma. Sunil Grover said to Kapil in his tweet that I know you are famous and this your show, not us. But don’t forget that we are also human. So don’t behave like an animal with us. Sunil Grover said so many words to Kapil Sharma. There is no officially declared by the Sunil Grover that he will leave this show. But let’s see what will happen.

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