Kasam 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial starts when Tanuja is thinking about the past scene of her with Rishi. She is so much upset. Tanuja thinks that now there is no relation in between us. Tanuja is doing the bag packing. Pandit says now your marriage is completed. Rishi’s father and mother give wishes to them. Then suddenly Shekhar says now you’re wrong time has started. Everyone is watching to towards him. Shekar says so get ready to go to the jail. Rishi’s father says you are in my house and you are sacrificed to my son. Rishi’s father asks who are you?  Shekhar says I am your big enemy. Shekhar tells that Malaika is my girlfriend. Rano says oh so this is the plan of Tanuja. Shekhar says no this is the plan of Malaika and me. Shekhar says come my darling. Then Malaika comes and hugs to Shekhar. Rano gets so much shocked. Malaika and Shekhar tell them the whole plan. Malaika says Rishi is a fool.

Shekhar tells we trap to you and you family in our plan. Shekhar says this Bride is totally fooled. Shekhar says I snatch each and everything from you. But everyone gets shocked because the bride is not Rishi. Shekhar asks where is Rishi. Then someone comes in the getup of Sardar Ji. Because this is Rishi in the getup of Sardar Ji. All Rishi’s famil members get so much happy and Malaika and Shekhar get shocked to see Rishi.

Kasam 10th January 2017 Written Update:

Rishi laughs on Malaika and Shekhar. Malaika says how dare you? Rishi says now it’s my turn. Rishi says only you can’t make the movie. Rishi says I know each and everything. Because Tanuja tells to me that she see to you with someone. Then I believe on her. Tanuja says she see you in the hotel with someone. Then I believe on her. Rishi says because Tanuja and I are together. But Tanuja doesn’t know about this truth and she is so much upset. Now Rishi plays a big game with Malaika and Shekhar.

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Kasam 10th January 2017 Written Episode:

Malaika says but you will go outside the house because now I am the owner of this house. Rishi again laughs on her. Rishi says if I arrange the duplicate marriage, duplicate Pandit so I will make duplicate paper. All the family members get so much happy. But Malaika and Shekhar get shocked. Rishi says the papers was duplicate. Rishi’s father gets so much happy.

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