Kasam 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial starts when Rishi says to Malaika and Shekhar that you are a total fool. Because the property papers were duplicate. Rishi says to everyone that thanks to becomes the part of this duplicate marriage. Rishi says well very happy new year to everyone. Malaika says to Rishi that you are a cheater and you do cheat with me. Rano comes and says to Malaika that he is not a cheater but you are a cheater. Rano slaps to Malaika and then she says to her that go away from my house. Malaika tries to slap to Rano but Ahana comes and holds the hand of Malaika. Ahana says don’t try to do this otherwise I will break your hand. Then Ahana’s husband says to Shekhar that go away from my house otherwise my wife can handle you both. Rishi says that throw them outside the house because this is a garbage. Rishi says to his father that thanks, Dad. Rano says your Papa also know about this plan.

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Rishi says yes. Rishi that the whole plan to everyone that how he implement this plan for Shekhar and Malaika. Rishi says to Rano that now again don’t trust anyone. Because we are Bedi family and we loves each other. Rano says sorry to her husband. Rishi says where is Tanuja. Rishi says that I hurt her so much. Then Rishi goes to the room of Tanuja. Tanuja doesn’t know anything. She is so much upset and she is going to leave this house. Rishi wants to tell her. But she is not ready to listen to anything. Tanuja says I love you so much. But you only believe on your Mom. Your mom says Malaika is good for you then you do trust her. Tanuja says to Rishi that go and live with your wife. Tanuja is going. Rishi says to Tanuja that before going anywhere just tell one thing where I go? Tanuja says go with your wife.

Kasam 11th January 2017 Written Update:

Rishi says yes I am with my wife. Tanuja says to whom you marry with. Rishi says yes I a marry to you. Rishi tells to Tanuja that I don’t do marriage with Malaika. Tanuja starts crying so much because she gets so much happy. Rishi says I was doing just drama in front of everyone. Rishi says Iw ant to bring the real face of Malaika in front of everyone. But Tanuja says you can do anything for your mom. You were doing the drama but when you get marry with Malaika then you will handle me.

Kasam 11th January 2017 Written Episode:

The songs play “Har Kisiko Nahi Milta Yaha Pyar Zindagi Mein”. Tanuja is saying so many things to Rishi. Rishi put his hand on Tanuja’s mouth. Rishi gets so much emotional. Rishi says you and me are made for each other. Tanuja hugs to Rishi. Rishi says and now no one can separate us.  Rishi says I fight with you because I want to forget to Tanu. And at last, I forget each and everything. I just remember the name Tanuja only. Rishi says you also make the tea like Tanu. Rishi says you are same to same as Tanu. Rishi says I feel that my Tanu come back in form of you.

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