Kasam 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial starts when Tanuja and Rishi are doing romance. There is a romantic background song. They love so much to each other. Here Bani is getting so much tensed. Bani is thinking about Rano. Bani is lost and then her daughter also wakes up. She says to her mom that what are you doing? Bani says I want to take revenge from Bedi family. Bani says especially from Rano. bani’s daughter says okay go and spread all the family. Bani says now I will not leave them at any cost. Bani says that Rano you wrong time starts now. Here Rishi and Tanuja are sleeping together. Rishi wakes up in the morning. Rishi sees the face of Tanuja. Rishi is thinking that now she will wake up then she will see my face. Tanuja is smiling in her dream. Rishi is thinking that when she will wake up then I will say to her. That I want to become the father of our upcoming babies. Rishi says what I am thinking?

Kasam 12th January 2017 Written Update:

Rishi’s phone ring and then pick the call. Then someone reminds him that today he has a meeting at sharp 9:00 AM. Rishi says oh I forget but thanks for reminding me. He says okay thanks, sir. Now Rishi is going to the office. Rishi says that now when she will wake up then she will get the surprise. Malaika comes to the house of Rishi. Malaika opens the door. Malaika calls to Rano. Rano says what are you doing here? Malaika says sorry Aunty Ji. I realize that I do wrong with you. Malaika says please Aunty Ji forgive me. Rano says I want to do marry you and Rishi. But you spoil my all plan. But the reality of Malaika is that Shekhar leaves her alone. Rano says that I can’t forgive you. Rano says to her servant that throw her outside the house. Then Rano goes to her room. Malaika changes his face after Rano. Malaika says that fool lady. She doesn’t know the John is not here.

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Kasam 12th January 2017 Written Episode:

Shekhar says to Malaika that she spoil the plan of him. Shekhar pushes to Malaika and leaves her alone in the hotel. He says to her that don’t try to follow him otherwise, he will kill her. After this Malaika comes to the home of Rishi. Now she is again planning to come back to Rishi’s house. That’s why she trying to convince to Rano but this time Rano is not ready to listen to anything. On the other hand, Tanuja wakes up. Tanuja is looking to Rishi but Rishi is not there. Tanuja is feeling so hot so she starts the fan. But there is the surprise of Tanuja. Tanuja gets so happy to see the surprise. Rishi leaves a message on the mirror for Tanuja.

Let see what will happen next in the show. Will Rishi-Tanuja reunite again? Will Tanuja’s memory come back? Keep watching this show and entertain yourself.

Stay tuned with us.

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