Kasam 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial starts when Tanuja is curious to meet to Rishi. Tanuja is thinking that Rishi will be below. On the other side, Rano is going below but she forgets something and then she again go to her room. Tanuja comes out to the room but she doesn’t know that there is something on the stairs. Actually, Bani makes the plan for Rano. But Tanuja suddenly gets a slip from the stairs. Tanuja falls down from the stairs. All the family members come there and they handle to Tanuja. Rano also comes out from the room. Rano sees the oil on the stairs. Rano think that who do this? Everyone is doing take care of Tanuja. On the other hand, Rishi is thinking about Tanuja. Rishi is missing to Tanuja. He is getting bored in the meeting. Rishi gets a call from the house and then the servant tells to him. That police arrest to all family members. Rishi asks but why you don’t tell me at that time. The servant says I was in the market. But when I was coming then I saw this. Bani brings to Tanuja to her home.

Tanuja wakes up and then the daughters of Bani calls to her. Bani comes and says thank god you are well. Tanuja asks but how I come here? Bani is provoking to Tanuja against to Rano. Bani says today Rano gives the oil to Malaika. And then Malaika pour the oil on stairs. Because they want to kill you. Tanuja asks but why they want to kill me? Tanuja says now Rano knows everything about Malaika. Bani and the daughter Neha are making some plan. They are just diverting the mind of Tanuja. Tanuja says no I have to go there. But they are trying to stop her. Tanuja’s health is not good. Tanuja says why I am thinking that there is something wrong. But suddenly Tanuja gets faint there because her health is not fine.

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Kasam 13th January 2017 Written Update:

Rishi comes to the police station. Rishi says to the inspector that how dare you to arrest my family members. The Inspector says your wife file the complaint against your family. Then Inspector says your wife file the complaint that you are demanding the dowry from her. Rishi says actually listen, Inspector, there is some confusion. The Inspector says we don’t have any confusion. Rishi says please Iw ant to meet to my family.

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Kasam 13th January 2017 Written Episode:

The inspector says okay go and meet. Because from after now, you have to visit the court. Tanuja doesn’t know anything. Bani is making these all plans against to Rano. After a long time Rishi and Tanuja come close to each other. But now how she will handle this situation. Because Rano will get against to her.

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