Kasam 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial starts when Tanuja wakes up. Tanuja is feeling that why I am feeling that someone give me so many medicines. Tanuja hears the talks of Bani and Neha. Tanuja comes to know that there is something going to be wrong. Tanuja does a drama and then she says to Neha that please bring water for me. She goes from there and leaves her cell phone there. Tanuja takes the cell phone and calls to Rishi. Does rishi pick the call and asks who is this? Tanuja says Rishi I am Tanuja. Rishi says what is going on? Tanuja says I also don’t know. Tanuja asks please tell me what happened? Rishi says Police arrest to all family members. Tanu asks but why? Rishi says because you and your Grandmother file a complaint against us. Rishi tells that you file a complaint that my family members were torturing to you. Tanuja says don’t worry I am coming within twenty minutes. Rishi says please come soon because the police Inspector says that if you will take the case back then they will leave to all family members.

Tanuja asks Bani and Neha that why you do this? Bani and Neha say yes we do this because they do wrong with you. Tanuja says but Rano Aunty doesn’t do wrong with me. Bani says I want to take revenge from her at any cost. Bani says to Tanuja that you have to choose Bedi family or me. Tanuja says now I am going. Neha slaps to Tanuja. Neha says just enough stop doing your drama in front of us. Neha says now you have no relation with Rishi. Tanuja turns and slaps to Neha. Tanuja says to Neha that don’t say anything for Rishi otherwise I forget the relation.¬† Tanuja gets angry a lot. She slaps Neha very badly and then threatens her not to take Rishi’s name anymore.

Kasam 17th January 2017 Written Update:

Tanuja is going to escape to all family members from the Jail. But Tanuja thinks that how I will prove that they are innocent. Tanuja is going to meet with the doctor. Tanuja doesn’t know about the doctor. She is thinking that how I will search for him. The lady police come and ask to them that why they do torture to a daughter in law. Rano says we don’t do. But the lady police says you have to accept this. Rano says but we don’t do this so why we have to accept. The lady police show the stick to her. Rano says you don’t scare me with this stick. the lady police bring her to another Jail and then she beat to Rano very badly.

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Kasam 17th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

On the other hand, Tanuja is trying to help to Bedi family but Bani and Sanjana will try to stop her. So let’s see how Tanuja will help to them. Bedi family are so much tensed because the police are not behaving well with them.

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