Kasam 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial starts when the Rishi is in the jail and an Inspector asks him about his wife? Then, Rishi starts to think about his wife. Thereafter, Inspector says that I am asking about your wife who you expects to be here to make you release you from the jail. Tanuja calls Rishi from her home but she is not able to bring Rishi back to the home from the Police station.

Kasam 19th January 2017 Written Update:

Nurse says okay we will keep it private. Malaika make the numbers in front of Rishi’s father. Rishi open the eyes and then he asks where is my family? Nurse says they are waiting for you. The nurse calls to Rishi’s family members. Rishi’s father comes and says why you take the stress. If you feel alone then tell me. Rano asks Rishi that why you go outside? Rishi says there is the big reason behind this. Malaika comes and takes care of Rishi in front of Tanuja. Tanuja is feeling so much upset from this all. Rishi is not saying anything to Tanuja. Rishi comes back to his home. Malaika says to Tanuja that take this pills and give to Rishi.¬†Read more-> Kasam 20th January 2017 Written Episode

Kasam 19th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

All the family members get¬†emotional. Rishi’s father says I already know that she is hiding something from us. Rishi gets emotional and then the songs plays in the background “Es Darde Dil Ki Shifarish”. Rishi stand calm. All the family members go and trying to make Smily understand. Malaika is feeling so much jealous from Tanuja. Rishi’s father is the side of Tanuja. Rishi’s father is trying to make Tanuja understand that I never think that you are the daughter in law of this house. But I accept that you are the daughter of this house. Rishi’s father says when you will think about you. If Smily does not come at the spot then you leave you Bau Ji. Tanuja says I want to save the respect of this house. She says I want to save all the family members.

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