Kasam 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

Shekhar finally kidnap to Rishi. Actually all the family members were in the party and then Shekhar with some goons kidnap to Rishi. All the family members get so much tensed. The goons ask Shekhar that they kidnap to Rishi. Now tell where they will come? Shekhar calls to them in Godown. Malaika is waiting for Shekhar. Rishi’s father and mother are getting so much tensed. Rishi’s father says to Manpreet to go and talk to ACP. Becasue we have to save to Rishi at any cost. Shekhar come back and then Malaika ask I know that you will come to take me. Shekhar is looking so much tensed. Malaika ask what happened? Shekhar says the plan not get successful. Malaika ask but why?

Shekhar says because the goon kidnap to Rishi not to Tanuja. Shekhar is getting so much tensed. He says they are bloody fools. Tanuja is telling to everyone that she listen some noise then she saw that some goons kidnap to Rishi. Shekhar says that our plan of flop. Malaika ask what are you doing? Shekhar says I am booking the flight tickets. Malaika says are you get mad? Malaika says we will not go anywhere. Shekhar says police will come and then arrest us. Because they Kidnap to Rishi not to Tanuja.

Kasam 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Malaika says to Shekhar that we know that Tanuja is safe but Rishi don’t know. So we can blackmail to him. Shekhar is laughing on Rishi. Rishi get wake up and ask how I am here? Shekhar says becasue you get kidnapped. Rishi says oh means now you become goon from businessman. Rishi fight with Shekhar. But the goons hold him. Rishi get angry and then he kick to Shekhar. Shekhar get fall down. Rishi beat to all goons. Rishi is beating to Shekhar very badly. There is a big fight in between Rishi and Shekhar. Finally Rishi beat to Shekhar very badly. Rishi also beat to Goons.

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Kasam 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Rishi stop his hand to hit the glass bottle on Shekhar’s head. Shekhar blackmail to Rishi. Shekhar says to Rishi that if he will not call back in 10 minute then they will kill to Tanuja. Rishi get emotional and then Shekhar again hold to Rishi. Tanuja says to all family members that she is thinking there is the hand of Malaika. But Rano is not ready to listen anything. Rano says to Tanuja that please don’t interfere. Tanuja think that she will do what she think.

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