Kasam 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Serial starts with the scene in which Rishi and Tanuja finally escape for the trap of Shekhar. Tanuja says to Rishi that we have to ask about the way. Rishi says I know the way. Because I know that we are going on the right way. Tanuja says that but we are feeling that we are going on the same way. Suddenly Tanuja see the same godown. Tanuja says we reach the same place. Rishi get shocked to see this. Rishi stop the car. Then the goons come there and catch to them again. Rishi and Tanuja come out from the car. The goons catch to Rishi. Tanuja says to Goons that yes catch to him. Because I will not run from here but he can run.

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Shekhar come and says yes Tanuja is right. Tanuja is looking angry for the stupidity of Rishi. Shekhar take the knife to kill to Rishi. On the other hand Manpreet reach to the house of Malaika. He ask her about Rishi. Malaika says you are at my home. And I can call to Police. Manpreet says no need because I bring the police with me. The police ask about Rishi. Malaika says actually Tanuja come there and escape to Rrishi from there. Now I don’t know where they are?

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Kasam 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Now again Rishi and Tanuja run away fom there. Rishi and Tanuja are in the jungle where Rishi lifts to Tanuja in his arm. Tanuja says please leave me. Rishi leave to Tanuja. Tanuja get fall down there. Tanuja see the snake there. Tanuja says to Rishi that please save me from snake. But Rishi is ignoring to her. Tanuja says I need your help Rishi. Tanuja close her eyes and saying please save me Rishi. then Rishi come and throw the snake with the stick. But Tanuja is not opening her eyes. Rishi says to Tanuja that now you are safe. I am always with you.

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Kasam 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Rishi and Tanuja reach to the temple. where they see the old lady. Then Rishi try to threaten to Tanuja with horror story. Rishi tell the horror story to Tanuja. But Tanuja says don’t try to threat to me. Rishi says I wants to sleep. Rishi and Tanuja get sleep but Rishi wake up. Rishi see that Tanuja is not there. Rishi see that something is coming towards him. Rishi screamed then Tanuja start laughing because she was Tanuja. Shekhar also reach there. Shekhar point the gun toward Rishi. Shekhar says now no one can save you because I will kill you. Manpreet reach there with Police. Then the Police arrest to Shekhar and all other goons. Rish iand Tanuja come back to home.

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