Kasam 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial starts when Rishi is looking so much upset for Tanuja. Tanuja is so much upset for Rishi. She is feeling the feel of Rishi. Tanuja is thinking that how she will leave to Rishi. On the other hand Rishi is thinking about Tanuja. Then Smily’ mom comes there and asks Rishi that what happen? Rishi says I don’t forget to Tanuja. She says to Rishi that go and stop her. Because you loves her. Tanuja is leaving the house of Rishi. Then Rishi reach there. Rishi asks her that where are you going? She says I am going away from you. Rishi says so what you steal from my house. Tanuja says no I don’t steal anything. Rishi holds the hand of Tanuja and bring her inside the house. Rishi says I says to you and then you get ready to leave this house. Rishi says you know me that I loose my temper.

Rishi says that please don’t leave my at any cost. Rishi asks what you wants to listen. Rishi says yes I loves you. And I can’t live without you. Tanuja says I also loves you. Rishi says so don’t go away from me. Rishi is crying so much and then he says something go inside my eyes. Tanuja says let’s check me. Tanu is watching the eyes of Rishi. Rishi is watching to Tanuja. Rishi says I feel something special with you. He says I wants to live with you forever. Rishi says I wants to spend each moment with you. So never live me alone. Tanuja says I don’t live you.

Kasam 24th January 2017 Written Update:

Rishi says I don’t wants to get die. He says I wants to live with you in each life. Tanuja hugs to Rishi. Rishi and Tanuja are spending some romantic moments. Rishi is looking so much happy with Tanuja. Tanuja asks Rishi that what about Aunty? Rishi says I will handle each and everything.

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Kasam 24th January 2017 Written Update:

Tanuja says he never loves me. But in the next episode Tanuja meet with an accident. She gets faint there. But the good news that her memory comes back. Rishi says if you are with me then I can handle everything. Tanuja gets happy and then Rishi also gets smiled. Rishi and Tanuja are going towards bedroom. But Suddenly Tanuja gets a jerk. Tanuja comes to know that she is jut dreaming. Tanuja gets so much upset. Tanuja says it means I am just thinking about him. Tanuja says I will go so far from him. He will forget me. Tanuja says he don’t loves me.

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