Kasam 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The serial start with the scene when Tanuja is so much upset for Rishi. Rishi helps Tanuja to open her fast. Rishi’s mom says to Rishi that you break my promise and you help to Tanuja. Rishi remain clam. Malaika is planning to go outside the house because she is going to meet her boyfriend. Tanuja listen all the talks of Malaika and then she thinks that late night where she is going? Tanuja follow to Malaika and reach to the hotel. On the other hand Rishi drinks the wine and he is totally unconcious. Malaika finally reach the hotel and then she meet to her boyfriend. Malaika’s boyfriend gets happy to see her. He says to Malaika that I am waiting because I want to open your fast. Malaika thinks herself that I had dinner and now if I tell this all to him. Then, he will create the big scene so she hide this truth from her boyfriend.

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Kasam 29th December 2016 Written Episode:

Rishi calls to his brother and says to him that I have no more energy right now. Because I am feeling so much restless. Rishi’s brother asks you drunk. He says I am coming to bring you. Then Rishi says no I am not so small and I can handle myself. Tanuja reach to the hotel and ring the door bell. Malaika’s boyfriend says there will the waiter because I order the dinner for us. He says the door is open please come and then Tanuja enters into the room.

Malaika and her boyfriend gets shocked to see Tanuja. Tanuja is also shocked to see Malaika there. Tanuja asks Malaika that what are you doing here? Malaika says actually this is my brother and I am here to make him understand because he lost his wife.

Kasam 29th December 2016 Written Update:

Suddenly Tanuja feels that Rishi is in danger. Rano calls to Malaika and tells her that there is an accident of Rishi. Tanuja gets tensed and she take the phone from Malaika and then she asks to Rano that what happen to Rishi. Rano asks what are you doing with Malaika and then Malaika again take his cell phone and then she says I am so much worry for Rishi.

Tanuja donate the blood for Rishi because she wants to save the life of Rishi at any cost.

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