Kasam 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial starts when Smiley accept the truth in front of everyone. Simly says Chachi is good and she is hiding this truth from everyone because of me. Smily mom says to her that why are saying lie to everyone. But Smily says no I am saying truth that I am pregnant. Smily says all mistakes are mine and there is no any fault of Chachi. Smily’s mom slaps to her. Smily says I am sorry Mumma and I accept my guilty. Smily mom says don’t say me mom. Tanuja says we already knows that you will not accept this truth and that why we hide this truth from them. Malaika says but on the report there is the name of you Tanuja. Then, Smily tells that the name on the report because I says to Chachi that please help me. Smily tells that when Chachi go for the x-ray for her legs. Then I am also there and I was talking on the cell phone and then Chachi listen all the talks. Smily tells that then Chachi says okay she will not tell anything at home. Malaika says but Doctor don’t do this all. Tanuja says they do. Tanuja tells that who is doing treatment of my leg, her wife is also Gayne and she understands the society and all.

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Kasam 3rd January 2017 Written Update:

Manpreet says to Tanuja that you hide this truth from me. He says I am also thinking that may be you will get Pregnant. But you hide this truth from all of us. Manpreet wife says no there is the mistake of us because we get fail to understand the Tnuja. Ahana is thinking for Tanuja that what kind of girl she is? She has decided to leave the whole family only for the happiness of her daughter and finally she did this. She was going to leave the home, all relations, family members, and everything only for the happiness of her daughter. Here Tanuja is also taking about Ahana. Tanuja says that Ahana is always considering her as her sister because she is always finding a Tanu inside me. So that when Ahana told me to sacrifice for her daughter then I was not so strong to say no to her. Finally, I did what Ahana wanted from my side. Let see what will happen in the next episodes of Kasam Serial.

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Kasam 3rd January 2017 Written Episode:

Now all the family members are happy that Tanuja is not pregnat but they are little upset that Smily and Tanuja hide this truth from all. Rishi says to Tanuja that please don’t leave me alone forever. Manpreet wife says sorry to tanuja and says please fogive use.

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