Kasam 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial start when Rano is blaming to Bani. Rano says so many words to Bani and she says your daughter can’t take the place of Malaika. Rano says to her that you want to live in this house. Then I will give you a job of Maid. Bani is getting so much shocked. Bani says I am your friend and you are saying me this word. Rano says yes because you do marriage of your daughter with my Son. Rano is saying so many words to Bani that because of you, my son is not happy. Bani says each and every time I wish that you and your family remain happy. Rano is coming to talk to Bani. She says that if you will take you grand daughter along with you then it’s good for you and your granddaughter too because there is not any place for her to stay anymore. Here Tanuja is thinking about Rishi that how he moved on for marriage? How he took the decision of getting married to someone.

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Rano says go away from my house. Bani says you get blind due to money. Rano says your granddaughter can’t take the place of Malaika because look at her. Rano says she has a status but your granddaughter has no level in front of Malaika. Bani gets so much disappointed from Rano and then she says I wish that you and your family don’t get happy in the future. Bani says this is my wish from my heart that you will cry one day. Bani says and I will show you that you have no level in front of me. Bani says you will come on you knee one day. So Bani says so many things to Rano. Rano gets scared and she says to the servant that throw him outside the house. Bani says now I am going but you will not forget me.

Kasam 9th January 2017 Written Update:

Rishi is looking upset from his marriage. Tanuja comes there but Rishi is not talking with her. Rano says to Rishi that today you are taking a good decision. Rano says because you are doing marriage with Malaika. Rano is so much happy. Pandit says please call to Bride. Rano says okay I call her. Rano goes to the room of Malaika. Shekhar comes there. Shekhar asks but why are you doing marriage with him. Malaika says because this is need of our plan. Rano call to Malaika, Malaika gets scared and she says to Shekhar that you hide behind the door. Malaika opens the door. Rano says let’s go, Pandit is calling you. Malaika says okay. But Shekhar holds the hand of Malaika. Rano ask what happen? Malaika says actually I think I am getting nervous. Malaika says I drink the water. Malaika and Shekhar talk with each other behind the door. Then Malaika goes with Rano. Tanuja hurts a lot by Rishi’s marriage decision. Let see what will happen. Will Rishi marry someone else? Will Roshi accept Tanuja back in his life? Keep visiting here for more updates. Also, Read-> Kasam 3rd January 2017 written update

Kasam 9th Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Rano and Malaika comes and then Malaika sit near to the fire. Everyone is getting so much happy. Pandit says to Rishi that please wear the ring to her. Then pandit says now fill the Maang of her. Shekhar is getting so much happy. Shekhar is thinking that now who will save to Rishi. But in the coming episode, you will see a new twist on this show. Please stay tuned with us for more updates of Kasam.

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