Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th October 2016 Written Episode 160 Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 160, KRPKAB 10 Oct 2016 on TellySerialUpdates.com

The Episode Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi continues with the scene in which Dev is going to drop Bua ji. He is trying to hug Sonakshi. But she says to him to go fast and come fast. Mama ji calls Dev there. Dev goes. In the night, Sonakshi is sleeping. Dev makes a call to her. He informs her that I dropped bua dadi and will come back around 8 am in the morning.

Sonakshi says I am feeling so sleepy. Dev says ok you may sleep and I will drive alone tonight. Sonakshi says ok. Dev feels annoyed. Sonakshi makes a call to him again. She says to him that I am not sleeping, actually I missed you a lot. They starts to talk to each other. Suddenly, some one knocks on the door. Dev asks who is on the door this time. Sonakshi says maybe maa is there.

She says to him that I will call you back, let me check who is on the door. Sonakshi opens the door and gets Ishwari there. She informs Sonakshi about Navratri fasts. Sona says that I will keep these fast with you. Ishwari says that if you will keep these fast then you will follow some strict rules, even you will not go near to Dev. Sona says ok. After some time, Sona informs Dev about these fast.

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In the morning, when all people are doing pooja of Ambe maa. Dev is also coming there. Ishwari gives an aarti to him. She asks him why are you coming by doing an over-night driving. Sonakshi smiles. Ishwari sees this and gets jealous. Ishwari says to him to go to your room and I will send Bhola with a breakfast.

Dev says maybe Bhola is busy this time, so you may send Sonakshi there. Ria says that Sona bhabhi is also so busy, so I can come to your room with a breakfast. Mama ji says to all not to pull Dev’s leg. All people laughs. Sonakshi is going into her room with a breakfast. They both are enjoying breakfast. Sona makes her to eat breakfast but when Dev gives a bite to her, she denies and says that I am on fast.

Ishwari & Sonakshi talking about Navratri puja. Ishwari said me, mama ji & mami ji all will be on 9 days fast. Sonakshi said I will also keep the fast. Ishwari says to her that you are newly married & in this, for 9 days you both have to sleep separately. Hearing this Sonakshi get shocked. Let see how Sonakshi & Dev will handle this situation.

In the previous episode: Ishwari doing puja & ask Sonakshi to go in her room. Sonakshi is looking puja which Ishwari & Dadi bua is doing from the balcony. Bijoy says to Asha that see my daughter certificate, I am missing my daughter, Asha said its 6 am, she is sleeping, Bijoy said to call her till 3 rings if she picks up the call then its fine otherwise disconnect the call, Sonakshi pick up the call & said Tulsi puja is going on so I wake up early. Bijoy said no need of doing anything according to their tradition, Sonakshi said puja is going on disconnected the call.

Sonakshi said from tomorrow I will do it correctly. Saurabh asks Asha to pack the lunch for him. Asha said when Sonakshi was here you never listen to her. She always stopped you from eating out. Now when she is not around you follow her instruction. Saurabh thinking in his mind, from now I have to be extra careful to spend every single penny.
Here Sonakshi is sleeping on the sofa, seeing her sleeping Dev & got to the kitchen & bring breakfast for Sonakshi. While Dev was keeping the breakfast in the plate, Ishwari asked him are you hungry. Dev replied this I am taking for Sonakshi. Ishwari said that Bhola will give to her, you get ready for office & come down for breakfast otherwise you will be late. Dev replied I am taking enough food; I will eat with her as it’s my responsibility. Dev wakeup Sonakshi for breakfast, Sonakshi ask Dev to feed her from his hand, Dev said I thought I am married to a doctor but you are a baby girl.
At Sonakshi home, Asha said I think Saurabh is hiding something & also my all Childers are hiding from me. Bijoy ask Asha is Sonakshi also hiding anything, let me ask her. Asha replied I felt that she is upset.
At Dev home, Dev said bye to Ishwari, she said you are already 30 minutes late please go fast. Dev was waiting for Sonakshi, seeing her Dev said goodbye & left for the office. Looking this Ishwari gets jealous
Ishwari asks Sonakshi have you slept properly. Sonakshi replied I did mistake & spoiled everything. Ishwari replied to her that you should do thing according to your capability. You cannot become like me, as a housewife. For me, it took many years to become a good Duodenum. so you have to do things which you are cable of not the thing which you don’t know. Sonakshi start crying, looking her Ishwari says please don’t feel bad, I am telling you all this as I am your well-wisher. I don’t want anybody should comment on my son’s choice.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th October 2016 Written Update Episode 160:

Everyone sitting on dining table for team, ask Sonakshi to get biscuit. Nikki asks chocolate biscuit, Radha rani asked different biscuit, Dadi bua asked differently. Bringing everyone choice of biscuit, Sonakshi got late, because of this Radha rani said what is the use of now bringing these biscuits as my tea has become cold. Sonakshi replied we use to drink tea, to dip a biscuit.
Courier comes for Mrs. Dixit, Ishwari runs to collect. Courier boy asks her, are you Sonakshi Dixit she said no. Then Sonakshi comes to collect the Courier, while she was opening Nikki takes the gift from her hand, Nikki start reading the card, Dadi ji said why to send the Courier if we live in same house, Ishwari asks the Nikki to hand over the gift to Sonakshi.
Dev calls Sonakshi & request her not to open the gift. Sonakshi said I cannot wait till night. Dev request her to wait, Ishwari entered the Dev room, ask Sonakshi to come down for Durga puja as from tomorrow Navratri is starting. Sonakshi kept the gift in wardrobe, Ishawri saw all the jewelry is kept in open, ask Sonakshi to keep in the locker. Sonakshi replied I don’t have the key, Ishwari said I have another key I will bring it for you.
In the office, all team meeting is going on & Dev is thinking about Sonakshi & his past moments. All team members ask Dev; shall we should accept this proposal. dev replied yes, all team member start laughing at him & said we planning to sell your company & agreed. They said after marriage finishes the person. To this dev replied I am thing something else, new ideas for the company.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th October 2016 Written Update:

Here Ishwari asked Sonakshi where are you , she replied I am in the washroom, Ishwari  said I will keep your jewelry inside the locker, while she was doing it, she saw the gift is also kept there , she try to open the packet but suddenly Sonakshi comes out. Sonakshi asks the key from Ishwari. Ishwari denied, by saying that one key Dev has & this key always remains with me. It has lots of important documents which dev may need in future & you will also go to work. In case you are not at home & if Dev needs these document then there should be somebody to give that stuff to Dev. You will also wear this jewelry occasionally, by saying this she take the key along with her & left the room. Sonakshi gets surprise looking Ishwari behavior
Ishwari calls dev & ask him to drop Dadi ji to Rishikesh. Dev replied yes of Couse he will go to drop them. Then Ishwari ask him to come early today they have to do by today itself, Dev hesitantly asked why today can’t they go after 2-3 days. Ishawir said I also ask them to wait for Navratri but they denied as they have to go Rishikesh. Dev asks, can mama ji go to drop them. She replied if no one goes from the family they will feel bad. So I would request you to go & drop them. Dev agreed to go. Ishwari said thanks to Dev for valuing her word. Check out Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi written update.

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