Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th September 2016 Written Episode 140 Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 140, KRPKAB 12 Sep 2016 on TellySerialUpdates.com

The Upcoming Episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update continues with the scene in which a Dev asks Ishwari that he will go to attend Sonakshi’s engagement or not? Radha Rani and Mama ji are also coming there. Radha is about to taunt but mama ji stops her. Ishwari says that you have no need to go there because they will not feel good to you there. Dev feels so bad and goes into his room. He thinks about Sonakshi and says that you are so strong Sona. That’s why you send me an invitation. But for your happiness, I will definitely come there. Here Sona is about to sleep. But she is only thinking about Dev and cries a lot.

In the next day morning, Elina is coming in Sona’s room with a coffee by saying that, here is a special coffee for a special girl on this special day. Sona wakes up and takes that coffee. Elina says today is your special day and that’s why I am pampering you whole day. Here Nikki is going in Dev’s room to show her dead phone. But she gets a Sonakshi’s engagement card. She is going to Ishwari’s room with Ria and asks Ishwari for going to Sona’s engagement. But Ishwari stops them from doing this.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th September 2016 Written Update Episode 140:

Here Sourav, Bijoy, and Aasha are getting so busy in engagement preparations. Aasha asks Sourav that Sona’s dress brought from the tailor’s shop or not. Bijoy is busy with someone by guiding the way. Rithvik, Elina, Sona, and dadi are sitting together. Rithvik says Sourav is so busy today and maybe he lost his weight soon. Aasha is coming there with a breakfast and then says to all to have a breakfast. Rithvik says I am going to home because there will be a lot of works. Aasha says that no, you may sit here and take a breakfast.

Here Dev is thinking about Sonakshi by taking her engagement card in his hands. Mama ji comes there and asks Dev what are you thinking now? Dev says nothing. Mama ji says that if you will not go there then it would be good for you Dev because if you will see that function then you will be getting hurt very badly. Dev says I am already in a drastic pain and I want to go there just to see her. Mama ji says ok to him. Here Aasha gets Sona very nervous. Bijoy is also coming there. Aasha and Bijoy are giving an emotional support to Sonakshi.

Here Rithvik is getting ready for his engagement. On the other side, Dev is going in Ishwari’s room and asks her to go in Sona’s engagement. But Ishwari stops him and also scolds him. Dev is going from there without saying any word. Dev is getting ready for going to the function. He is recalling all the past memories and also writing a letter for Sonakshi. He also writes a big sorry to her and also gives his best blessings to her.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th September 2016 Written:

In an evening, Dev is going to attend Sona’s function. Nikki asks him where are you going bhai? Dev tells the truth. Nikki shouts and calls Ishwari. Ishwari asks what happened? Nikki says you stop us maa and you gave permission to Dev for going to attend Sona di’s function. Ishwari gets shocked and then check out Dev in a whole house. She asks Bhola about Dev. Bhola says Dev bhaiya is going outside now. Ishwari gets shattered very badly and thinks that Dev is going there without her permission. How?

Here Sonakshi is getting ready for her engagement. She is looking very beautiful. Sona is dreaming about Dev like he come there and complements her. Sona is missing Dev very badly. Elina comes there and asks Sona why are you crying? Sona says nothing. Elina says you just try hard to move on because Dev will never come back. Sona says he will come because I have invited him in my engagement. Aasha comes there but she hides herself behidn the door and hears their conversation.

Sona says I am trying my best to move on but it’s very difficult. She says ‘ Yeh To Yaad Hai Kabhi Bhi Aajati Hai.’ Aasha comes inside and says to Elina to help Dadi in wearing a saree. Aasha asks Sona are you happy? Sona says if you are happy then I am also happy. Bijoy calls them. Aasha and Sona are coming outside in a lawn area for the function. After some time, Dev also comes there. Sona looks at him. Rithvik takes Sona’s hand in his hand. Dev gets angry.

Bijoy gets angry to see Dev there. He asks Aasha what is he doing here? Aasha says Sonakshi invited him, so you will do anything. Maybe Sona will ove on easily by this. But Dev is staring at Sona continuously. Sona too. Bijoy comes there and then scold Dev very badly. He asks for the drink. Waiter replies that, this is bengali function and here are only soft drinks. Dev goes out to take a drink in a bar which is just in opposite to engagement hall.

Sonakshi starts to find out himand then she gets him in a bar. Sona stands near to the entrance to see Dev. Rithvik is also coming there and try to get Sona’s attention. Bijoy and Aasha are also talking to each other about Sona’s happiness. Here Ishwari is sitting in a dark. Mama ji comes there and asks her what happened? Ishwari says Dev went there. Mama  ji says that Dev did right because it would be good for him to move on after to attend this function. He is trying to make Ishwari understand the situation. Here Dev takes drinks back to back. Sona gets emotionsl to see Dev’s bad condition.

After some time, Dev comes inside the hall and gets Sona alone. He goes there and gives his best wishes to her. Sona asks him Are you ok? Dev says don’t ask this? Sona stands silent. Rithvik comes there. Dev says to him that you are so lucky. Elina sees this and says that dance floor is waiting for you. Sona and Rithvik dance together. Dev feels so bad. After this, Sona says to Sourav and Elina to take care of Dev because he drunk a lot.

Dev is talking to himself that Sonakshi(his love) is going to live her life with someone else. Dev is not ready to accept this truth and he will be doing something to stop Sonakshi engagement with Ritvik. Dev will decide to go for Sonakshi’s engagement. On the date of Engagement, when Sonakshi and Ritvik exchange their rings, Dev enters. Dev will drink and cuts her wrist before going to Sonakshi’s Engagement.

Dev enters in Sonakshi’s engagement and congratulates her. Sonakshi will feel embarrassing in front of others because to Dev. But when she see that Dev cut his wrist, Sonakshi runs. Sonakshi catches Dev and let her head in her knees. Sonakshi is crying to see Dev like mad lover.  Sonakshi ties cloth in Dev’s wrist and call to other for help him. Saurav comes there and helps Sonakshi.

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