Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2016 Written Serial Updates KRPKAB

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2016 Written Serial Updates KRPKAB on TellySerialUpdates.com

The Upcoming Episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi continues with the scene in which Bijoy and Aasha are talking to each other about the boy which they fixed for Sona’s marriage. Suddenly, Sona is coming there. She asks what happened? Bijoy says we looked at one boy who is perfect for you. His name is Ritvik and he is a doctor. His father is a retired and his mother was getting expire before one year. Sona says ok and goes from there. Sona is getting so upset to think about Dev aka Shaheer Sheikh. Elina says to Sona lets go to the restaurant and have some fun. Sona goes with Elina to the restaurant. On the other side, Dev aka Shaheer Sheikh is missing Sona aka Erica Fernandes. He says that he have to see Sona’s face now.

Dev thinks that he will go now and see Sona’s face at any cost. So that he may reach the same restaurant where Sona and Elina are sitting together. Sona is sitting very silently. Elina says to her that please say something. Sona says that I love to sit quietly. Elina says to her that it’s good that you wear your ID card today because when you will get lost then someone will leave you at home. Suddenly, Sona gets his boss call. He scolds Sona because she didn’t submit a report. He cuts the call and then Sona is getting tensed.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2016 Written Serial Update

They are going from there. Sona leaves ID card there and leaves the place. Elina also goes behind her. Dev comes there and picks it up. On the other side, Bijoy and Aasha are finalizing a boy for Sona whose name is Ritvik. They all are looking so happy to see that boy because he is also a Doctor and looking very handsome. Dev gives that ID card to waiter and says to give this ID card to that girl. Waiter gives that ID card to Sonakshi. After some time, Dev goes into Sona’s office. He scolds Sona’s boss and threatens him not to scold Sonakshi at any time. Boss is getting happy to see Dev there.

Dev says to her Boss that you may send your proposal to me and my HR team will look over it. Boss gets so happy to think that Dev Dixit will do business with him, si it’s good for his company too.  Next day when Sona is coming to an office. Boss is coming to her cabin and asks her about her health. Sona says I am alright, what happened sir? Boss says that your friend appreciated you so much and he came here to meet me. Sona asks which friend? Boss says one and only one Mr. Dev Dixit. Sona gets angry and decides to meet him. She goes to his office and goes directly into his cabin.

Sona scolds him very badly. But he is staring at Sona very sweetly. Sona says to him that don’t you ever interfere in my life, you have no right to care, to love, or to look at me. Dev is trying to stop him. Sonakshi is going from there by syaing that don’t interfere in my life ever. She is about to leave his cabin. But Dev stops her by saying that how is Aunty and Uncle ji? How is Elina and Saurav. A song plays on,’Kismat Ke Lekhe, Kisne Dekhe.’ Sonakshi goes from there without giving any answer to him. Suddenly, Ishwari makes a call to Dev. Dev takes her call very late. Ishwari asks what happened? Why are you taking my call so late? Dev says phone was laying between my files.

Here Ritvik is coming to Sona’s home to meet Sona’s parents. He is looking so cool and handsome. He is coming with his sister and father. Sona’s dadi asks Ritvik that, tell me something about yourself. Ritvik is saying some funny lines about him. He asks when Sona will come. Bijoy says he is coming soon. Here Mama ji is going into the kitchen to check out food. Ishwari catches him and asks how is the food. He says you always made Dev’s favorite food. Ishwari smiles. Mama ji says to Ishwari that Dev is upset because of Sonakshi. He says that Dev is feeling so bad because he left a well and good girl Sonakshi.

Ishwari asks mama ji that Dev told something to you or not. Mama ji says that no, Dev doesn’t tell any thing to me. But I feel all this when talked to Dev sometimes. Mama ji goes from there. Ishwari is getting in tension. Here Ritvik and his father are talking with Bijoy and Aasha. Bijoy says Sona doesn’t know about any household work, even though she doesn’t know how to wash clothes. Ritivik says I also don’t know anything. So when two people will become one and they don’t know anything to do. Then, they will definitely become happy together. Bijoy and Aasha are laughing a lot. After some time, Sona comes to home. Bjoy introduces Sona to Ritvik. They can do handshake. Ritvik gets so happy.

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