Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th September 2016 Written Episode 150 Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 150, KRPKAB 26 Sep 2016 on TellySerialUpdates.com

The Upcoming Episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi continues with the scene in which Sonakshi got suddenly stomach pain & was admitted to the hospital by her family members, dev was also present in the hospital. Doctor asked Dev to call her family. Dev replied you can share with me I am her would be husband. Doctor & dev looks each other  face . Doctors says to Dev that Sona’s doesn’t conceive a child in her future.

Dev gets shocked. He says to the Doctor that you have to check out again. Doctor says that you don’t worry, there are a lot of methods through which she will become a mother like surrogacy and all. Dev gets shattered. Here Bijoy is talking to Asha about Sona’s medical reports. He says that I don’t know Dev collected Sonakshi’s reports or not. Asha says you don’t worry, you just make a call to him and asks him.

Bijoy asks Dev that you have collected Sonakshi’s reports or not. Dev says I got those reports and everything is normal in it. Here Dada and Elina are bringing a new dress for Sonakshi because she is upset with her new dress which she has ordered online. Sona becomes so happy after to see her new dress.

Here Ishwari is busy in the preparations because bua dadi is about to come for the marriage. She says to Bhola to clean everything again because she is so hygienic. After some time, bua dadi is coming at Dixit’s home. Ishwari welcomes her with an aarti. Here Dev is tensed to think about Sonakshi’s future that she will never conceive a baby. How will he tell all this to everyone? Sona makes a call to Dev and asks him about her new dress.

After some time, when he comes back to the home where Nikki and Ishwari are talking to each other about one of the gold chain. Actually, Nikki wants that chain and then Ishwari stops her calling her that, this chain is especially for Dev’s child. Dev hears it and gets shocked. He thinks that how he will tell to Ishwari about Sona that she never conceive a child.

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He is thinking about Sonakshi’s reaction when she will come to know about her medical reports. Apart from this, he is thinking about Ishwari’s reaction when she will come to know that she will never become a grandmother. Here Bua dadi is talking to Ishwari, Radha Rani, and her daughter-in-law about Sonakshi that she knows how to prepare food and all. Ishwari says that she doesn’t know how to cook food but she is a doctor of good food.

Radha Rani starts to talk with bua dadi and she is provoking her against Sonakshi. Bua dadi starts to make a comment on Sonakshi. Mama ji is coming there and says that Sonakshi is a very good girl and she always give respect to her elders. Ishwari gets so happy to hear good words about Sonakshi. Bua dadi also appreciates Dev’s choice.

In previous tracks, Lawyer come to meet dev for pre-marriage prenuptial agreement, dev asked to go back 7 asked to not talk about this to anyone. Here dev family & Sonakshi  family argue in which traditional  we should do marriage in Bengali style or north Indian style

 Dev & Sonakshi talking each other what happing at home, & dev  said Sonakshi can say anything what do you want. Sonakshi  talk about prenuptial agreement,  an agreement b/w couple before marriage. Because of this, they don’t trust each other & that they thing . dev said its good we discuss everything & there will no wired   situation

 Mamaji said will do all the ritual of at our own home & Asha also said the same, Bijoy said marriage will happen in Bengali style. Iswari said this marriage should happen peacefuly & does not want ddowry& Bijoy said we have given the most precious thing that is shown. Mamiji said ones marriage is done  cannot be changed , iswari said mamaji its about relationship

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th September 2016 Written Update:

Lawyer comes to meet Ishwari,  & talk about the prenuptial agreement in which after divorce all property & wealth will divide in husband & wife . but dev refused & thrown the paper in the dustbin. Ishwari asked him to make the paper aging & will talk to Dev. Dev called Sonakshi & asked what happened at  your home.

Sonakshi said papa agreed for Bengali  wedding & because of dev’s mam every this is happing  dev is eagerly waiting for marriage & in any sty happens. Ishwari called Bijoy’s & asked to meet her in an evening . Sonakshi  comes to meet dev & asked what happened, is everything ok, why did you called me. Dev said I cannot wait, I want to marry right now. Sonakshi said few more days to wait.

 Bijoy comes to meet ishwari . bijoys said pls tell fact why have you called me. Shall we do prepare for marriage or stopped the preparation. Ishrawi talk about in  prenuptial agreement.  if there is any  problem happened b/w dev & Sonakshi  then it will  lead to divorce  then company will be disturbed  half. I just want to protect my children future because we have only this company. Bijoy gets angry & said yesterday you were talking about ritual & today divorce , what you think about my daughter. Is she coming here to get authority on your company & your money. Ishwari said I don’t know anything about this it’s company lawyer came & told everything about this.

Dev & Sonakshi eating pizza in office. Ishwari calls dev & asked what he is doing, dev replied eating lunch with Sonakshi. Ishwari asked does Sonakshi father called you, dev replied no. dev asked regarding what , she replied about wedding

Asha & Bijoy  got angry & talk other  happened at dev’s house. Mamaji said  Ishwari  I am happy about the yesterday happen in Sonakshi house.  Bhola (servAnt) said some lawyer came to meet . Ishwari  denied  that  he came for official work not to meet me. Mamaji said are you hiding something she replied not such my throat is choked . Ishwari  thinking in mind that I have to  think about our all children

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th September 2016 Written:

Bijoy comes again to meet & said Ishwari that you have doubted  on us & our dignity. You are doubting our family values & hurt our dignity . If Shona want to sign the agreement  I am ok with sign & let me tell you  it’s not marriage happing  its business & if you want signature you need to talk Sonakshi because I cannot talk about this as I don’t want to hurt her self-respect. Suddenly  dev comes & see the paper& said we don’t need the base  of this paper for our relationship & told  Bijoy we love each other & we don’t need this paper. I don’t understand why I get in this situation to say sorry.

Dev said Ishwari, why you have done this when Sonakshi you have fixed all this. She loves me & will do every thing to me. Dev comes to meet Sonashki . Sonakshi goes to meet dev running, Dev hug the Sonakshi  & not let her go & said I was scared to go far from you. Sonakshi replied our life is not like fairy tale. Dev asked a promise not to leave him fight everything but not her. Dev & Sonakshi asked about their child

Ishwari was tensed about prenuptial agreement, suddenly mamaji comes & said I am looking everywhere for you. What happened you look lost. Ishwari talks about cow & their family. Dev comes in the room where Ishwari was there, Ishwari keeps the prenuptial agreement in dev’s file & said tina has sent this document for your sign . dev denied but Ishwari forced him to sign now & get successful in taking signature. & Ishwari calls lawyer & said I got the signatures.

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