Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th September 2016 Written Episode 151 Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 151, KRPKAB 27 Sep 2016 on TellySerialUpdates.com

The Upcoming Episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi continues with the scene in which Dev is tensed to think about Sona’s pregnancy issues that there is only 7% chances for her to conceive a baby in her future. He is getting stuck in between a lot of thoughts like what he will say to Ishwari or how will he hide all these things from Ishwari aka Supriya Pilgaonkar. He thinks that he never say anything to anyone because he loves Sonakshi and only wants to live with her only.

He decides that he will not tell anything to anyone. All people are getting so busy in the wedding preparations of Dev and Sonakshi. All people are so happy for this marriage. But somewhere Bijoy is little worried for Sonakshi’s upcoming life. Aasha is handling him all the time from ruining anything in this marriage. Here all people are doing a lot of arrangement for sangeet function.

Here Radha Rani, Bahu Rani, and Bua dadi are talking to each other about sangeet function. Radha is trying to provoke bua dadi against Ishwari. Suddenly, Ishwari is coming there and gives some jewellery to bua dadi in her respect. Bua dadi is getting so happy and gives her best blessings to Ishwari. She also says that you are an awesome woman and my favorite bahu also.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th September 2016 Written Update:

Dadi bua says to Ishwari to get ready fast because all guests are about to come. Ishwari says ok and goes inside. Here Sonakshi is getting ready and she is looking so beautiful. Elina and Asha are also looking so happy to see Sonakshi’s happiness. Asha is applying a black spot behind Sonakshi’s ear just to save her from an evil eye. Elina says a mother is mother. Asha says yes.

Sonakshi recalling some moments in which Dev was giving roses to her. Elina asks what happened? Sona says nothing. Elina is putting a rose in Sona’s hairs. After some time, Sonakshi’s family is coming at Dev’s home in a sangeet function. Dada is coming on the floor to introduce today’s girl and boy. Therefore, Dev is coming there with a tashan. He is looking so smart.

Elina is coming on the dance floor where all sisters of Dev are dancing together. Dev and Sonakshi are getting ready for their sangeet. Sona is looking awesome. After some time, Elina brings Dev and Sonakshi on the dance floor. They are doing a dance with each other on the song ‘Tere Sang Yaara, Khush Rang Bahara Ki Raat Diwani.” Dev is having some water in his eyes. Sonakshi thinks what happened to Dev?

After going on their seats. Sonakshi asks Dev what happened? Why your eyes are watery? Dev says I am so happy because I got you after so many efforts and hard work. Today is my dream day and my all dreams are getting fulfilled today. So that’s why I am so happy. Due to this happiness, there is a little water into my eyes. Sonakshi smiles. A waiter comes there and asks, you want something. Sonakshi says I need a water.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th September 2016 Written:

After some time, all Bengali family is dancing on the floor whereas Bijoy is not happy with all this. But Aasha forces him to do a dance only for Sonakshi’s happiness. He starts to dance with Asha on which Radha Rani is making a comment. Elina hears and comes near to her to ask. Dev is coming there and handles the situation. Elina understands and goes from there.

After some time, Elina and all girls are dancing on the song ‘tu meethi meethi bol.’ Sonakshi and Dev are looking so happy. Suddenly, Varun is coming there and catches Elina’s dupatta. She shouts very loudly. She asks what are you doing this? How dare you to touch my dupatta. Bijoy gets angry and goes there. But Asha stops him. She says that Dev is going there to handle the situation. Bijoy stops himself.

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