Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Updates 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update Future Twist on TellySerialUpdates.com

In the next episode, you will see that Dev aka Shaheer Sheikh is coming back to the home whereas Ishwari says him that I get so many calls from the morning and now everyone is shocked by Sonakshi’s step whatever she told in her speech. Dev says that we don’t want to hear anybody else thinks. Ishwari says that we are living in a society and there are some rules and regulations. Dev gets angry. Sonakshi comes there and she is trying to say sorry to Ishwari. But Dev stops her from going anywere because he will talk to Ishwari later on.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th October 2017 Written Episode:

Soha and Golu are playing with each other. Golu says it’s my turn. Golu says no, it’s my turn. Soha says please. Golu gives the video game to her and asks her to defeat him now. But he is still disturbing her. Soha loses the game. Golu laughs. Soha says that I am sick and after that, you are disturbing me while playing a game. Golu says no. Soha says yes and that’s why I will play the game.

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Dev aka Shaheer Sheikh is sitting on the bed and says that see, how is my Shubh sleeping here? But once he will get young then he will definitely face such trauma’s whatever we are facing here. Sonakshi comes there and says sorry to Dev bt catching her ears in front of him. Dev asks why it is so? Sonakshi says that I am coming because I feel so bad for you. Dev says no, I am fine and even though I am feeling so good. Sonakshi says I know why are you saying this? Dev says that I am happy by your speech and even though I started to respect more all women because you guys are really doing a lot of work while nurturing a child. Even I am happy with my job. Sonakshi says that you are surprising me Dev. Dev says that you just get relax and gives a complete attention towards your work. Dev asks her to go to your office now and will also bring vegetables

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th October 2017 Written Update:

Sonakshi is in the car and she is recalling their past when she looked after the Soha in past 7 years. That time, Sonakshi was doing everything on her own. But that time, she was missing Dev a lot. But now she thinks that Dev is doing everything for her and he completes everything, the emptiness which was created in last 7 years. This time Dev fulfilled everything.

Dev is giving a breakfast to Soha and Golu whereas Golu says to Dev to take Soha to the school along with us because she is fine. Dev says that we don’t take her because the Doctor told Soha to take rest for 3 days. So that’s why no school for Soha. Here all employees are coming in her office whereas Sonakshi tells that if you are coming here to talk about the video then I don’t want to talk about this. But all people start to give flowers and wishes to Sonakshi for her new project and secondly, she becomes an internet sensation. Sonakshi is getting so happy. Saurabh comes there and congratulates her. Sonakshi says that

Here all parents are saying to Dev to do something because you fund the school too. Then you have to take an action for this. Dev says that I support the management of the school because teachers are not responsible for the fewer marks of the students. All parents are getting angry and then asks what happened? What are you talking about? Dev says that know everything but let me tell you that a teacher teaches all students whether the student is the topper or a  duffer. But everything depends on the student that he/she is having an interest in studies or not? Later Dev leaves the place by saying that I don’t want to become the part of this discussion. Later Sonakshi makes a call at landline number whereas nobody is picking up the call. Sonakshi makes a call on another number whereas a servant picks up the call. She asks him where is all people? Why is nobody picking up my call? He says that Ishwari is busy somewhere and Dev is not coming back to the home yet.

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