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The serial start with the scene in which Abhi is talking with Tanu’s mom. Tanu’s mom is thinking that I will stop her to go to the room of Pragya. Because if he will go to the room of Pragya then he will not give attention to Tanu. Tanu’s mom is thinking that how she will stop him. Daasi, Dadi, and Purab are waiting for Pragya outside Abhi’s room.  Suddenly, Pragya is coming there and looks so sad. Dadi asks her what happened? What was going on inside? Did Abhi scold you? What happened to her? Pragya is looking so much tensed. Dadi says that I will scold him very badly if he scolds you because he hears me only and that’s why he will do whatever I will tell him. Suddenly, Pragya starts to laughs very badly.

Dadi says to god that you have listened my all wishes today by re-uniting Abhi and Pragya. Finally, Abhi is recognizing his feelings towards Pragya and confessed his love to her. So that now I am not afraid of anyone and very soon I will bring my bahu back to this home. Dadi asks Pragya that please tell me what happened because I am dying to ask. Pragya says he says yes. Suddenly Purab gets so much happy and says yes. Dadi is looking toward Purab very surprisingly. Dadi ask Purab that tell me what he says? Purab says Dadi you don’t get. Dadi says no. Purab says finally Abhi accept the truth that he loves Pragya Di.

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update:

Dadi, Daasi, Purab, and Pragya are so much happy. Dadi hug Pragya. Purab hugs Daasi. And then they all hug each other. Dadi ask Pragya that is it true? Pragya says yes Dadi. Purab says but how this dream come true. Because I was trying from last so many days. And you complete this work quick. Dadi says to Pragya that finally, I get my Daughter in Law. Daasi says now Abhi will not marry with Tanu. Dadi says forget this because now I will throw to Tanu outside the house.

Dadi says to Pragya that now this all arrangement doesn’t go vain. Because in the mandap you and Abhi will sit. Pragya says but Dadi we already get married. Dadi says OYE don’t teach me okay. Dadi says to Pragya that Abhi doesn’t know that he is married. If he will ask to marry you then what will you say? Pragya says, of course, yes.

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th April Written Episode Update:

Daasi says to Pragya that when you will get married then you bind with Abhi for seven years. And now again you are going to marry with Abhi and now you will bind with Abhi for 14 years. Purab says wow Abhi is so Hidden Rustam. On the other hand, Abhi says to Tanu’s mom that what happen Aunty Ji? Tanu’s mom says yes the talk is so serious. Abhi says please tell me. Tanu’s mom says that I hide the talk with Tanu. Tanu’s mom says I hide from Tanu that I have cancer and will die soon. She is trying to emotionally blackmail to Abhi.

Because she wants to stop to Abhi that he will not meet with Pragya. She says to Abhi that I hide this talk because I don’t want that she change her mind. Because if she will get marry with you then it will be the best moment for her. She says to Abhi that you are the prince charming of Tanu. So I don’t want to get hurt her at any cost.

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  1. anna

    don’t expect any abhi/pragya union…cause there is another haldi ceremony for tanu and abhi has decided to marry tanu….so nonsense reigns in kkb land….and viewers are past fed up…

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