Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Kumkum Bhagya. Spoilers & latest news/Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial start with the scene when Pragya is crying so much in front of her mom. Pragya says to Sarla why I am not accepting the truth? I know that he is going to marry with Tanu. But I am thinking that this the bad dream. Why I am thinking the past when he says to me that he love me so much. Pragya is not ready to accept this truth. Tanu ask Aliya that where is Abhi? Aliya says wait he is coming. Aliya ask Dadi and all that why are you stand together? Tanu says to Dadi that what are you saying to me. That I am the bad girl. Dadi says to Tanu that Abhi can marry with you. But I will not accept you as my daughter in law. Dadi is applying the Haldi to Tanu on her face. Dadi gives the wishes to Tanu that she will not be happy in her whole life.

Dadi also gives wish to Tanu that you can’t take place of Pragya. Tanu says oh Dadi you love me so much that’s why you apply so much Haldi on my face. Tanu says yes I know that I can’t take place of Pragya. But I don’t take the name of her. I am going to become Tanu Mehra. Abhi comes there in the white Kurta Pajama. Tanu’s mom says welcome Abhi. Then she starts applying Haldi on his face. Abhi is not looking happy. Abhi is thinking that will Pragya come here or not? But from which face I will ask from her.

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update:

Abhi is thinking the talks of Purab. When Purab says to Abhi that please stop this all. Because you love Pragya. And you don’t break the heart of Pragya like this. Aliya come and says to Abhi that what happen Bhai? Aliya says now I will apply the Haldi on his face. Here Dadi and Daasi are so much worried. Purab says to Dadi that this is wrong. Daasi says to Purab that why you don’t convince to Abhi? Dadi says don’t say anything to Purab. Because he does each and everything for Abhi and Pragya. Now we have the last weapon. Daasi ask who? Dadi says Pragya.

Here all the family members are applying the Haldi on Abhi’s face. Tanu thinks that wow finally I apply the Haldi on Abhi’s face. now the marriage is confirmed. Aiya says to Abhi that Bhai now you have to apply the Haldi on Tanu’s face. When Abhi is going to apply the Haldi on Tanu’s face. Then he was thinking about Pragya. He applies the Haldi on Tanu’s face to think about Pragya. Tanu says thanks, Abhi you apply the Haldi on my face. Abhi think that what I am doing? I am thinking about Pragya and applying the Haldi on Tanu’s face.

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th April Written Episode Update:

Pragya ask Sarla that mom I have to go there? Sarla says I don’t know. Sarla says you are thinking that why this time I have no answer for you. Sarla says I want that now you take the decision own her. Because I get tired of teaching you again and again. Sarla says this time you take the decision own her. Sarla says to Pragya that now you have the two way. You go ahead or take the back step. Sarla says to Pragya that forget him.

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