Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2016 Written Episode 667 Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 667, KB 14 Sep 2016 on TellySerialUpdates.com

The Upcoming Serial of Kumkum Bhagya continues with the scene in which Alia is coming in Abhi’s room just to talk to him about Pragya and her mistake. Alia says to Abhi that I know why are you getting so angry? I know bhai, you are in anger only because of Pragya, the receptionist of that recording company. Alia says, bhai I thinks we should fire her and throw her out from that company. Abhi says to Alia that no need to fire her. That was just a mistake. So you have to leave this matter behind and look forward.  Alia is getting shocked to hear Abhi’s words. She thinks that Abhi is taking Pragya’s side and maybe he get attracted towards her which is not good.

On the other side, Pragya is missing Abhi very badly. She is talking with her beeji about Abhi. Beeji asks her that if Abhi will not talk to her then what she will do? Pragya says that it never happen that he will not talk to me. Till then I will not say sorry to him then he will roam around her. Beeji asks Are you sure? Pragya says yes dadi, I am sure.

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2016 Written Update Episode 667:

On the next day morning, Abhi and Pragya are going to their office. Abhi is coming there just to hear sorry from Pragya. But Pragya is not saying anything to him. He thinks that he have to bring Pragya down on earth at any cost. Actually, Abhi doesn’t see Pragya there. He thinks that might be they fired Pragya. But after some time when Pragya is giving papers to Saira. Then, Abhi sees her. He thinks that she changed her work place just to save herself from Dev. But he doesn’t know that Pragya is scared from his side.

Abhi asks Saira about the recording room. Saira replies that yes sir, Recording room is ready for you. Abhi is getting excited to sing his fuggy song.  When he is about to reach Recording room, Pragya calls him from behind. He gets happy by thinking that now Pragya says sorry to him. Here Sarla and Beeji are talking to each other about Abhi and Pragya i.e they might be fighting in their office this time.

Suddenly, Purab is coming there and says that I have a good news for you. Beeji asks did you get a new job with a double salary. Sarla asks did you buy a new home. Purab says no. Janki says will you decide to marry. Purab says no. Beeji asks what? Purab says that Abhi and Prayga came face to face and it doesn’t affected Abhi. Sarla replies that I already know about this. Purab asks how? Sarla tells everything to Purab that how he came here to meet Pragya and everything.  Purab gets upset and asks why you people were hiding this from me? Dadi and Sarla are saying that we were getting scared after Alia’s threatens.

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