Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2016 Written Serial Update Full Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2016 Written Serial Update Full Episode

The serial continues with the scene in which Pragya is crying because Tanu proves that Pragya has a affair with Champak Lal. Mitali listen the talk of Tanu and Nikhil and then she try to tell these all talks to Pragya. Mitali is searching to Pragya and then she ask from Robin about Pragya that if he see to her. Robin tell to her that Pragya is in Kitchen but Mitali don’t know that Tanu is there. Robin try to tell her that Pragya is not in kitchen but Mitali don’t listen the voice of Robin. When Pragya is coming from Dadi’s bed room then Tanu meets with her. Tanu tell to Pragya that now she can’t save her because Abhi will never believe on her. But Pragya say to Tanu that she will never give-up.

kumkum bhagya 17th june 2016 written episode update full serial

Mitali reach to the kitchen where she think that Pragya is in kitchen but she don’t know that Tanu is there and then she start to tell about Tanu and Nikhil’s plan and she tell to Tanu that she already see to Tanu and Nikhil that they were giving the money to Champak lal and she knows that this all was the plan of them because they want show that Pragya is wrong in front of Abhi. But Tanu is listening to Mitali and at last Tanu throw Red Chilli Powder in the eyes of Mitali and then she tell to Mitali that she is Tanu not Pragya. Mitali’s mother in law see to Tanu that she is trying to hear the talk of Pragya and Abhi. Mitali’s mother in law spy to Tanu but Tanu see to her. Abhi say to Pragya that he is so much upset from her. Pragya hug him and say she don’t want to leave him at any cost.

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