Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2016 Written Episode 714 Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2016 Written Episode 714 UpdateWritten Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The ZEE TV show Kumkum Bhagya Episode with the scene in which the Abhi start to do fight with the goons. But they are so many and trying to kill Abhi. But Abhi is Abhi and he is so strong. He beat all the goons very badly. After this, he is coming upstairs where Nikhil ties Pragya with the pillar. Pragya is screaming very loudly. Abhi hears her sound and goes near to her.

After some time, Abhi gets some new goons there. He starts to beat them. One of them says to Abhi that I am your big fan and I know about your all songs. Goon starts to sing a song ‘Love Love Happy Love.’ Abhi gets so happy to hear the song. He asks for one selfie. Abhi is about to give a selfie but Nikhil is coming from his behind and catches him.

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2016 Written Episode 714 Update

Nikhil says that I am going to kill her now. Abhi says ok you may kill her. Pragya says what? How dare he to kill me? Abhi says to him that do you know? Who is she? She is my personal assistant cum friend cum advisor. Nikhil says don’t make an extra story in front of me. Suddenly, Abhi catches him from behind. But Nikhil runs from there.

Pragya says to him that that, you have to release out me from here. Abhi says that I have to go from here and don’t release out you. Pragya says that I am giving you an order. Abhi says I am your boss, then how are you giving me an order. Nikhil is coming from the behind and hits him on his head.

Nikhil thinks to run away fast. Pragya gets angry and runs behind him. Abhi gets a trauma attack and remembers his past that she is Pragya, not Nikita. Here Pragya starts to beat Nikhil by the stick. Suddenly, Abhi shouts Pragya. Pragya gets shocked to hear this and happy too. A song plays on ‘Allah Wariya Ki Main To Haariya.’ Abhi gets faint. Pragya is trying to ger him up.

Here Dadi comes to know about Pragya’s kidnapping. She gets angry and comes into Alia’s room. Dadi and Daasi are coming there. She slaps Alia and Tanu back to back. She threatens them very badly and says that if you think Abhi’s memory will not come back then you are wrong. Abhi is my life and I know very well that his memory will come back soon.

Dadi added that I know you people are behind Pragya’s kidnapping. You just remember if Pragya will get any injury then I will register a complaint against you both. Even I will give my statement against you in the police station. Dadi also informs them, Abhi already went there to save her. Even Purab is also going behind him.

Here Pragya is coming back to the home. She brings Abhi there. Dadi is talking to Pragya about all incident. Pragya informs Dadi that when he was getting faint, suddenly his phone rings up and I took that call. Fortunately, Purab was there and I called him to help us. Finally, Purab was coming there and helps us out.

Dadi says to Pragya to go and fresh n up. Here I am sitting with Abhi, I will inform you whenever he will come in the conscious state. Pragya is crying  a lot but but she is going inside to the washroom. After some time, Sarla and Purab are talking to each other. Sarla asks Pragya that Abhi took your name before to get faint? Pragya says yes maa, he called me by my name. Sarla says that if it happenen? Then, today is our one of the best day of our life. Pragya says maa, do you know what doctor said?

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2016 Written Episode:

Doctor told me that if Abhi’s memory comes back after a big shock or an accident then he will get paralyzed or maybe he will get suffered by a big problem. So that, I just pray to god that he will make Abhi’s health good and normal. This is more important for us. Sarla says ok. Pragya says I was getting so angry to see Nikhil there. Purab gets shocked to hear his name. He asks Nikhil was there? Pragya says yes. He regrets and says that If I was there then I killed him today. Lets we have to expose them.

Pragya says no because it’s a time to look after Abhi’s health and forgets everything. Suddenly, Dadi comes there and informs maybe Abhi is coming in conscious state. All people are getting so happy. Pragya thinks whether she goes inside in front of him or not? Sarla says to her that you don’t worry and you have to go in front of him. If he will get his memory back then it’s good. Otherwise, you are a goof friend of him. Pragya says ok.

Here Nikhil is coming to meet Alia and Tanu at Mehra house. Nikhil describes all the situation to them. Tanu and Nikhil starts their controversy because Nikhil told her that he stuck him on his head very badly. Due to which Abhi called Pragya as Pragya not Nikita. Tanu and Alia are getting shocked to hear this. Daasi hears some gossips and she is coming near to the room and hears all the conversation of Tanu, Alia, and Nikhil.

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