Kumkum Bhagya 1st September 2016 Written Episode 658 Update

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The Upcoming Serial of Kumkum Bhagya continues with the scene in which Purab is coming to Abhi’s home. Abhi and Purab are talking to each other. Abhi asks Purab that where were you last night? Purab says nowhere. Abhi says that I think you were with a girl. Purab says no.Suddenly, Alia is coming there and asks Abhi what happened? Abhi says that I am just asking that where were you last evening. Alia says he was in office. Abhi stops Alia and says that why are you saying all this. Purab says let Alia get speak. Abhi says that I don’t know you people. Abhi goes from there. Purab says I am really getting upset because Abhi didn’t see me with Pragya di last evening. If he was seeing Pragya then we came to know Abhi’s reaction after this. Alia says you are right but your wish hurted my bhai very badly. His heart will not work properly if you will bring Pragya in front of Bhai. Here Sarla is getting upset and not ready to give permission to Pragya for going to her office. Beeji asks what happened? Sarla says if she will come to know that Pragya is working in that office then she will do anything whatever she wants. Pragya asks what?Beeji says Sarla is talking about Alia, if she will see you in that office then she will do something to separate you from Abhi. Pragya says you don’t worry maa I will call you in every one hour just to inform you about me. Sarla says ok her and Pragya comes to an office.

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st September 2016 Written Episode 658:

Pragya comes into an office and sits silently. Abhi is also coming there and sees Pragya. He goes near to Pragya and asks her about his leg. Pragya says I am ok. She offers a chocolate to him.  As we know, Abhi aka Shabbir Ahluwalia and Pragya aka Sriti Jha are getting curious to meet each other. Actually, Pragya is getting restless all the time just to think about Abhi. So that’s why she is looking for Abhi here and there in her office. On the other side, Abhi also starts to like her a lot. So that’s why he is getting so nervous when he doesn’t see Pragya on the receptionist chair. He asks Saira again and again about Pragya. So that Saira also thinks that why Abhi sir is asking for Pragya again and again. But in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Abhi and Pragya will have an eye lock. A very beautiful song play on and that is ‘O Karam Khudaya Hai, Mujhe Tujhse Milaya Hai; and ‘Sanam Re Sanam Re, Tu Mera Sanam Hua Re.’ Pragya feels so happy to see Abhi there. But her motive is to hide meeting from Alia and Tanu because she knows very well that if Alia will come to know about her meetings with Abhi then she will surely create a drama. After some time, Abhi says to Pragya to prepare coffee for him. Pragya goes to bring coffee for him.

After some time, Alia is also coming to an office. She decides that she have to find out receptionist today any cost because she wants to know that Pragya is that receptionist or not? But when she reaches to the reception, she doesn’t get receptionist at the reception. Saira is passing thereby. She asks Saira about receptionist. She says receptionist is in the canteen. Can I call her? Alia says no. She herself goes to the canteen.


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  1. Shasidhar

    How boring this serial is….we would like to see mugamboo again torturing her enemis….but no problem we can see that in telugu on zee telu at 5:00 pm

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