Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2016 Written Episode 703 Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2016 Written Episode 703 UpdateWritten Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The ZEE TV show Kumkum Bhagya written Episode will show that Pragya says to Abhi that not to do any signatures on the papers which are in Nikita’s hand. Abhi asks why? What happened? All people are gathering there. Alia says that Nikita is so clever and bad girl, she is coming here to ruin your career and over-take your all property. Abhi asks what are you saying all this? Alia says I am saying exactly right bhai.

Abhi says that these are only bonus papers and nothing else. Alia says that all these bonus money will go into Pragya’s  account. Abhi asks why she does all this? She is already getting her salary on time. Then why? Alia says that she want more money, so that she find out this way to get money. Pragya gets shocked to hear all this. Alia says she is coming here to make you bankrupt.

Alia takes those papers and starts to read out them. She reads that Pragya wants to take his signatures on the attorney papers and if she will take your signatures bhai, then she will become an owner of this house and your all property. Pragya says no I didn’t do this. I never think to do this. Alia says you are such a cheap girl. Dadi is coming in between their conversation.

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2016 Written Episode 703 Update:

Alia says to dadi that you please don’t interfere in this matter because you didn’t have any clue about this matter. Dadi says whatever, you just tell me how you know about this. Have you read these papers earlier. Alia says I asked the man who brought these papers here. He told me that Pragya told him to brought these papers here. Pragya says no, Alia is telling a lie.

Abhi calls that man in the hall room who brought these papers here. He asks that man who is behind this. Alia indicates him. So that he can change his statement and says that Pragya is behind this. Abhi gets shocked and says that I want to hear truth. He replies to Abhi that your secretary is so clever lady and she is behind this.

Here Beeji asked Sarla and Janki about the function. But Sarla is looking so upset. Beeji asks her again and again. In the last, Sarla tells everything to Beeji about the function that how Alia and Tanu are playing a game. Beeji says that you don’t worry, god will do everything alright.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, Police is coming there and says to Abhi that we will handle this case, so you just keep away from this matter. Abhi feels so bad but he is not having any reason to stop Nikita from this. Pragya starts to cry a lot and thne Police takes her away from there.


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  1. abhi

    please join abhi and pragya otherwise all the fans get angry and no one will see this irritating tanu and alia plan again and again so please ruin abhi and pragya i am tamil girl here more members watching kumkum bhagya with lots of love they get hated while only one girl distrubing abhi and pragya’s life
    so please accept our request and regain abhis memmory as soon as possible

  2. Somai

    What happened to the ownership of Abhi’s property held by Pragya? Unable to understand how the storyline now comes to mention Abhi’s property will be transferred to Nikita. Has anyone also wondered how come Aliya knows “so many” details about everything mainly to cause Pragya’s downfall and no one else’s? In my opinion, the writers have made all the characters, including Pragya who stand dumbstruck by the alleged fraud and theft a bunch of numbskulls or are the writers the same? I think that six months from now, Abhi and Pragya will still not be united…just wait and see. It is time to end this show which has no redeeming values whatsoever. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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