Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2016 Written Episode 656 Update

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The Upcoming Serial of Kumkum Bhagya continues with the scene in which Alia is coming to Pragya’s home where as Beeji and Sarla are getting shocked to see her. Beeji says that why this witch is coming to their home. Alia comes inside and asks Beeji how are you? Beeji says that we are perfectly alright. But why are you coming here? How dare you to come here. Firstly, you just tell me everything that what are you doing here? Alia says that I am coming here just to see your bad condition post Abhi memory loss.

Beeji says that why are we getting in bad condition? We are happy completely. Alia says it’s good but where is your daughter. Is she think the same? Beeji says don’t you take her name for a while. You just go from here. Alia asks where is Pragya or she got a job somewhere? Dadi says that Pragya is at home but she don’t want to meet anyone. Alia says don’t you make any excuse. Dadi says let me call Pragya and then you will come to know that I told you a truth. Dadi calls Pragya and Pragya says yes dadi. Alia hears her voice and gets relax. Dadi says to her that you may go now from here.

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2016 Written Episode 656:

Alia says I am coming here according to my mood and leave this place according to my wish. Sarla says she knows very well that how to keep off the black eye. Alia gets angry and says that I know very well that how to handle you people and I have a black eye-sight which she can’t keep off. Sarla and Beeji are getting so angry. Alia is leaving Pragya’s home and then she meet with Purab. Purab asks her what happened? Why are you coming here? Alia says I am coming here to meet you. Actually, I called you so many times but you didn’t receive my call, I tried to find out you in your home but I didn’t got you there.

So I came here to meet you. Purab says don’t you make any excuse just leave from here and don’t come here again. Don’t you dare to trouble these people. Alia says to Purab that shall we go for the date because it’s too much time ago to go somewhere together. Purab says to her that don’t you ever try to come near to me. He scolds her very badly. Alia feels so insulted and she goes from there.

Purab is coming inside. He asks Alia came here. Dadi and Sarla are handling Purab. He asks Sarla what happened? Sarla says nothing, she was coming here just to see that whether we met with Abhi or not. Purab says if she tries to trouble you then you please tell me. Sarla says it’s ok and you just get relax. Purab asks where is Pragya di? Sarla says that she is inside and try to sleep because we gave medicine to her.

Purab says it’s ok let me meet her. Sarla says ok. Here Alia thinks that she will achieve Purab at any cost but this, time I have to handle Abhi and settle him as soon as possible. Tanu makes a call to her and says that I am so scared to think about Pragya. Alia says it’s ok don’t you worry about Pragya, she is at home and she didn’t meet Bhai yet. Tanu gets so happy.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2016 Written:

Here Doctor is coming to see Pragya. She asks Doctor May I go to an office? Doctor says no, it’s not good for you to roam here and there. Pragya says my job is desk job. Then doctor says it’s ok, you have to go to your office easily, no problem. Pragya gets so happy. Sarla and Dadi are also present there. Purab drops Doctor outside the home. Next day, Pragya goes to her office and hears a song ‘Sanam Re Sanam Re.’

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