Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts when the Pragya’s finger is getting a small cut. She gets faint. Abhi and Purab are coming there. They are getting Pragya in a faint situation. Abhi gets shocked. He says to Purab to call a Doctor here. Purab makes a call to Dr. Mehra but then comes to know that Dr. Mehra is not present in the clinic. He asks for another doctor. But there is not any doctor present in the clinic.

Abhi asks what happened? Purab says there is not any doctor who will come back to the home. Mitali is coming there. Purab says her to bring water. Mitali says Will I bring water here or in the bathroom? Purab says I want this water for Pragya because she got faint. Mitali is going in Alia and Tanu’s room directly. She tells everything to them about Pragya’s situation.

All over Pragya is getting unwell before her engagement. Alia and Tanu are getting tensed to see this because their plan is getting ruined. Sarla comes there and starts to make a bad comment on Alia. She says that you just pray to god for Pragya’s better health. You guys just wait for the time when my Pragya will get well soon. Later Sarla says to Alia that she will do something to throw them out from the house. Alia gets angry.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2017 Written Update:

After some time, Purab says to Abhi that we have to take Pragya to the nearby hospital. Abhi says now Pragya’s blood has stopped to come out from her finger. So she will come in a conscious state very soon. Dadi and Daasi are coming there. They are asking about Pragya? Abhi says you don’t worry, she is coming in a conscious state. Abhi calls her fuggy, fuggy. Alia and Tanu are coming there to see Pragya. Mitali brings water for her.

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Finally, Pragya is opening her eyes. Abhi asks how it happened? Pragya says that I was going to the kitchen for water but Robin needed help. So I started to help him. Later a knife cut my finger when you called me very badly. I was getting shocked by thinking that why are you calling me like this. Abhi feels very bad and says that I am responsible for this. If I didn’t call you badly then a knife never cut your finger.

But now I will take care of you. Dadi says a good time has gone according to Pandit ji. So we have to postpone this engagement. Abhi says it’s ok, we have to think about Pragya only. Pragya says you are not responsible for this, why are you blaming yourself all the time. Abhi and Pragya are getting emotional. Alia and Tanu are getting angry. They are going from there.

Nikhil is coming behind them. Alia scolds Nikhil very badly by saying that what are you doing all the time? Your all plans are getting fail back to back. Nikhil says you and Tanu are such a looser. You people never do against Pragya. Alia gets angry and says to Tanu to send Nikhil away from here because I don’t want to see his face. Here Sarla, Beeji, Janki, Purab, and Pragya are coming to their house back.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2017 Written Episode:

Sarla asks Pragya why were doing this? Why you gave a lot of pain to yourself? Pragya says I didn’t see any way to stop this engagement. So that I followed this way because I never want to give any pain to Bulbul. Sarla says I know you have stopped this engagement but this is not the right way. Your life is more important for me. Sarla hugs Pragya and says that you have to take rest here, I will bring food for you.

Next day, Pragya is coming in Abhi’s room where she gets Abhi. She says I forgot to bring coffee for you. Abhi says you have to sit here. Pragya says please don’t get angry, I have to bring coffee for you. Abhi makes her to sit there and offers a coffee to her. She gets happy to get coffee from Abhi. Later she says that we don’t have any meeting today but I want your signatures on one file. Abhi says where is a file? Pragya says let me go and brings a file for you. Abhi says you have to sit here and wait for me.

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