Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Aliya is trying to convince to Abhi that Tanu is innocent. But Abhi is not ready to accept Tanu. Abhi says to Aliya that this time I will not believe on Tanu. Purab says to Abhi that if you want to reach the final goal then you have to meet to Nikhil. Aliya is trying to divert the mind of Abhi. But Abhi says yes you are right. Dadi says yes Purab is right and you have to talk to Nikhil. Purab says but we will not tell to Nikhil about this all. Because if we will tell to him then we don’t get the right answer. Purab says we will reach the house of Nikhil without any notification. Abhi says to Purab that let’s go. Tanu says to Abhi that please don’t go anywhere. Abhi ask but why? Tanu says because if you will go there and what about my repo? Abhi says this is not the matter of your repo. Because my family reputation is also so much important.

Abhi, Purab, and Pragya are going to the house of Nikhil. Aliya and Tanu are trying to contact to Nikhil. But Pragya and Daasi snatch the cell phone from Aliya and Tanu. Now Dadi, Aliya, Tanu, and Daasi are going to the house of Nikhil in the same car. Abhi reached to the house of Nikhil. They knock the door but no one is coming outside. Again Abhi and Purab knock the door. Then Nikhil comes out and says what a present surprise. Nikhil says I was taking shower. He says I change my dress. But Abhi and Purab says to him that you will not go anywhere. Purab, Pragya, and Abhi enter into the house of Nikhil. After that Dadi, Daasi, Tanu and Aliya also reached there.

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update:

Purab says to Abhi that you have to face to Nikhil with strong nature. Otherwise, he will try to divert the mind. Abhi and Purab say to Nikhil that we know each and everything.  Now we want to ask each and everything clearly. Nikhil says what you want to say? Purab says in the simple way we ask what is the relation in between you and Tanu? Nikhil says she is my just friend. Purab says oh you mean you are just friend. So what is this? Nikhil says what? Purab says this medical report. Nikhil checks the report and gets shocked. Nikhil again show that I don’t know what is this? Purab says we tell you that this pregnancy report of Tanu. And in this report, you are the legal father of Tanu’s baby.

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April Written Episode Update:

Nikhil says to Abhi that this is the trap. And anyone is trying to trap me. Abhi ask but who want to trap you? Because if anyone wants to trap you then why you put this report at your house? Purab says now you are thinking that how I know this all? Because you do a cheat with Abhi and for that. I come to your house to check out the file. But accidently I got this file at your house. So now tell the truth otherwise, we will call to police. Nikhil gets shocked and he says okay I will tell you the truth.

Suddenly a girl comes there. Nikhil says to Abhi and Purab that yes Tanu is my girl friend. All family members get shocked. But Nikhil revolves the talks and he says no that Tanu but my Tanu. The new girl name is also Tanu. Purab gets shocked. Purab says I and Tanu are living in the living relationship from last 3 years. And this medical report is of my Tanu.

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