Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2016 Written Episode 704 Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2016 Written Episode 704 UpdateWritten Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The ZEE TV show Kumkum Bhagya Episode will show that Police is coming at Abhi’s home just to arrest Pragya aka Sriti Jha. Police Officer says to Abhi that you just stay away from this matter because we will look into this matter from now onwards. Abhi stands silent there and doesn’t say anything to them. Pragya doesn’t leave Abhi’s hand and she starts to cry a lot. Abhi is looking at her and feels so bad.

After some time, Purab is coming there and gets shocked to hear everything. Purab asks Abhi what happened? How can you trust Alia in this matter. As you know Nikita is an innocent girl then how you do this. Alia says to Purab that how do you say that? Nikita is so strong and clever girl. Even she trapped you and Purab Bhai. Don’t know what she did outside.

Purab gets angry and raise her hand on Alia to slap her. Alia gets shocked. Abhi is coming in between  then and catches Purab’s hand just to stop him from doing this. Abhi asks Purab that why are you doing this. You are beating my sister only for my secretary. Purab says she is not only your secretary. She is your.. Abhi gets shocked to hear this. She is your true fan. Even you considered her family as your family. Then why are you thinking wrong about her.

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2016 Written Episode 704 Update:

Abhi says to Purab that I don’t want to hear anything about her. Even I want to go my room and don’t want to talk to anyone now. Here Police locked Pragya in the jail and she feels so bad. Here Abhi is coming in his room and starts to think about Pragya. Here Abhi is thinking about Pragya that how good she are, show much responsible she is? Even he is thinking about her so deeply. He reminisces Pragya and gets emotional.

Here Pragya thinks that why Abh was filling sindoor in her hairs, why he applied mhendi on her hands? Why? She cries a lot. Finally, she thinks that Abhi will definitely come one day. Here Abhi and Pragya are thinking aboutt each other again and again. Abhi takes a drink and thinks that Pragya stopped him from doing this earlier. He throws that glass on the floor and thinks that who is true among Nikita and Alia.

Here Sarla is getting tensed to think about Pragya aka Sriti Jha. Beeji says to Sarla that why are you roaming here and there? Sarla says I am thinking about Pragya, I just want to know that she is coming now or she will come later? Because I am going to take a medicine and when I will take medicine then I will sleep deeply. So that when she will come, I will sleep then who will open the door. Beeji says you just stop, I pray to god that she will be not coming tonight. She will not come today. Sarla says what are you saying Beeji? Beeji replies that what? I am saying right because that house is Pragya’s in-laws house, so she has to stay there more as compared to here.

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2016 Written:

Suddenly, door bell rings up. Beeji says to Sarla to open the door. They open the door and gets Purab there. She asks Purab about Pragya. He tells everything to Sarla. She gets shocked and asks why didn’t Abhi stop her? How he send Pragya to the jail? How it happened? Purab says I don’t know. Here Tanu says to Alia that we don’t take this matter lightly because I know Pragya will not sit silent after this.

Alia laughs and says that you don’t worry my dear, I will look after this matter and she will not do anything. Dadi and Daasi are hearing their conversation and gets emotional to think about the bad condition of Pragya. Here Abhi is sleeping and sees Pragya’s dreams. He thinks that Pragya didn’t do wrong with him. What will he do?

In the night, Abhi is coming to meet Pragya in the jail. She gets so happy to see Abhi there. He says to her that I felt so bad when Police arrested you but that time I was in shock. Pragya says to Abhi that please look into my eyes and tell me I am a thief or not. Pragya says to him that I am not your only fan and you are feeling pain in my absence because you are addicted to me. Apart from this, I never think wrong of you, I am the only one who never do wrong of you. After this, Pragya says to Abhi that I want to say my feeling to you, I know you think that I am trying to save myself. But it’s my feelings what I want to say you and that is I love you and will always be. Apart from this, I will always support you and this is my decision. I am not pressurizing you.

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