Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Kumkum Bhagya. Spoilers & latest news/Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

Abhi is thinking about the Pragya aka Sriti Jha that how will he meet her after marriage? How will he meet Pragya’s dadi and Sarla aunty. He is getting so much emotional. Here Some goons are taking Pragya in the truck. Sarla and Janki are getting tensed to think about Pragya because she is not taking a call. They are coming to Abhi’s house to see what is going on? Suddenly, Sarla is seeing Pragya in the truck with the goons. Here Abhi is sitting in the mandap.

Those goons are taking Pragya away from here. Here Alia brings Tanu outside the bathroom and brings her in a conscious state. Tanu is getting active and then tells everything to Alia that how was Purab coming here to talk to him. Later how was Purab attacking her badly. Alia says that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright. You just get ready and bhai is waiting for you in the mandap.

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Sarla is trying to save Pragya. But goons hits a stick on Sarla’s head and then she falls down very badly. Her head starts bleeding. Janki is coming there and gets shocked to see this bad situation of Sarla. She is shouting very badly and confused too like what will she do now? Will she call Abhi or save Sarla’s life. She calls one auto man there for taking Sarla to the hospital. Here Tanu is getting angry and says that I just want to take revenge from Pragya. Where is she?

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Alis says to Tanu that we have kidnapped Pragya and sends her outside from this house. But now the best thing is to marry Abhi because this will be the big slap over Pragya’s and her team’s face when they will see you as Abhi’s wife. Tanu says yes you are saying right. Alia says that when you will go downstairs then dadi and all will think that Pragya is inside the ghunghat. But they don’t know about Tanu’s presence.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Alia and Nikhil are bringing Tanu in the mandap whereas all people are getting so happy. Dadi, Daasi, and Purab are getting so happy to see that Pragya is finally reaching to Mandap. But they don’t know she is Tanu. Here Pragya is coming in a conscious state and then starts to fight with those goons. They are hitting at Pragya’s head very badly. She is falling down very badly and the blood is coming out from her head.

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