Mahek 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial Starts with the scene in which the Mahek and Shaurya are coming  to attend one of the biggest Valentine’s day party where as Mahek is wearing a stunning red saree. One boy is coming there and asks Shaurya that will I dance with you wife or not? Mahek says that you don’t need to ask anyone. Shaurya says that you need to ask her for the dance not from me. Mahek says yes. They are going to do a dance on the floor.

Mahek and that stranger are dancing very closely. Shaurya is looking at them and feeling so jealous. Mahek is flirting him very badly. Shaurya is going there and asks him that may I dance with my wife? He says yes sure, she is your wife. So that you have to complete right to dance with her. Mahek laughs. Shaurya says that don’t you laugh, I am coming here  because I want to become embarace in front of my clients. Here you are badly drunk. So that’s why I am coming here that you don’t do any drama here. Mahek says why are you describing all this. It’s nice that you are coming here because I am your wife and I am your better half. Both are dancing together on the floor just like a couple in the lime light. A song plays on,”Mehenbaan Hua Hua, Mehenbaan Hua, Meherbaan Hua Rabb.”

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Mahek 20th February 2017 Written Update:

All people are doing a big claps for them. The host of the party is saying that if we are having a prize for the best performance then you guys become the winner of that one. But your dance was fabulous and romantic too as any couple can do on the floor. Here Sonal is calling to her brother (Mohit) and says something to him. After that, Mohit calls Shaurya and then he asks Mahek that why you mad brother is calling me? Mahek says maybe he was calling me but my phone was on the table.

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Later Mahek checks out her phone and says that, there are so many miss calls of Sonal. She talks to Mohit and comes to know that Sonal is in trouble. Shaurya stops her and says that it’s 12 o’clock and now how will you go. This is Delhi not your native place. How will you go? Mahek shouts at him and says that you have to attend your guests and let me go. Don’t you dare to say anything to me. It’s my life and I will run my life according to me.

Mahek is coming outside and looking for the taxy. She thinks that if sh calls Mohit here then he will take a lot of time. Suddenly, Shaurya is coming there and asks her what happened? You just tell me? Where you want to go? Mahek tells everything to Shaurya and they are coming at the same place where Sonal s present. Mahek and Shaurya are reaching there. Mahek asks her what happened? But Sonal is crying a lot. Mahek and Shaurya are giving a first-aid to her.

Mahek 20th February 2017 Written Episode:

Sonal asks Mahek that what happened? Mahek says that Rohit did all this to me. Shaurya and Mahek are getting shattered to hear this. Mahek says that Rohit care for you a lot. Then how he did this? Mahek tells everything to Rohit that I was so happy earlier but when the mariage date is coming near by then everything was getting changed very badly. Mahek and Shaurya are getting shocked. Shaurya says that I will kill him and let me deal with him.

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