Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial Starts with the scene in which Shaurya will be breaking the vase in his anger. He catches Mahek’s hand very badly. Mahek says him to get relax. Shaurya says that you gave me incomplete recipes just to ruin my dream of opening a new restaurant. Mahek says no, I gave you complete recipes of my mother. But after this, I am requesting you to please allow me to do work in your restaurant for some time. Shaurya says no.

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Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Shaurya is talking to his staff and tells them to make all dishes accurately. His staff says that if you call Mahek Bhabhi here then she will taste our dishes. She will confirm out the recipe. Shaurya says that I won’t call her. You guys just make these dishes on your own as I already gave you Mahek’s recipes.  He scolds them very badly. Here Mahek is coming back to the home. In between the way, Mahek gets a phone call of  the Shaurya’s mother. She stops her scooter and then picks up the call.

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Let see what will happen further in the episodes of Mahek. Will their love story will take any step forward? Will Shaurya confess love to Mahek? Will Mahek confess her real feelings from anyone or not? To know more, keep watching Zindagi Ki Mahek serial at ZEE TV Indian Television channel. This show will bring a sparking love story of Mahek and Shaurya very soon. Read more-> Mahek 24th February 2017

Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Later Rohit hits Shaurya on his head. He is about to falling down. Mahek is reaching there with her chachu. She handles Shaurya and brings him back to the home. Here all family members are waiting for Mahek and Mohit. After some time, a door knocks. But when they open the door, Sheetal is coming inside. She starts to scold Sonal very badly. But Sonal is crying a lot by saying that I was going there to meet Rohit but he was behaving very badly with me in front of his friends. But Sheetal takes him away from that house.

In between the way, Sonal says to Sheetal that you are my mother and why are you scolding me? Even he is always beating me all the time. Sheetal says that he is your would-be husband and that’s why you have to do patch up with him. Sonal is crying a lot. Sheetal says that Mahek is already a very bad girl and she is also trying to defame you. Sonal says that please don’t say anything to anyone because Mahek saved my life.

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