Meri Durga 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which Durga’s friends are coming in the school where they are spreading a news like Durga is taking free coaching classes from Saraswati Sir and that’s why she is getting intelligent day by day. One girl hears this and makes a complaint at Police Station against Yashpal. Here Durga is standing on Yashpal’s shoulders. Durga says that Sir is not coming yet. Maybe today is not a class. Yashpal says that you have to stand here and waits for some time, maybe your sir will come here soon.

Here Durga’s classmate is coming in the class and she says Hi to Durga. Here Saraswati Sir is coming from their behind and then catches them red handed. Durga and Yashpal are getting scared very badly. Saraswati Sir brings them outside the coaching center and then calls cops there. He says to Yashpal that you have to give this clarity in the Police Station only.

Meri Durga 15th February 2017 Written Update:-

Suddenly, Police comes there and arrest Yashpal and Durga from the Coaching class. Here Yashpal and Durga are sitting in the Police Station where other thieves are commenting them very badly. Durga shouts at them. After some time, Police Inspector is coming there and starts to interrogate Yashpal. Durga gets scared to see this. Here Shila is coming to meet Dulari (Rishi’s mother) somewhere. Dulari ask get what happened? Why you cut the phone yesterday? Shila replies that Yashpal Bhai Sahab was coming there. So that I cut the call and handled the situation. Dulari says that why were you living there. Keep watching Meri Durga on Star Plus. Read more-> Meri Durga 16th February 2017 written update. She says to Shila to bring a new phone to Amrita. So that she can easily talk to Rishi and then falls badly in his love. After this, I will control my son and Amrita too. Later we will break this relationship and Amrita will go in trauma.

Meri Durga 15th February 2017 Written Episode:-

If nobody gives a respect to you. Shila replies that you don’t worry, I already did a lot in the house. Firstly, I stopped Amrita from going to school. But now we will do something big if you will support me. Dulari replies that you don’t worry, I am always with you. Here Brijesh is saying to his wife that I know you don’t like Yashpal bhai sahab. But it doesn’t mean that you are doing wrong of him. What do you want? Tell me.

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