Meri Durga 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which the Police Officer says to Yashpal that don’t you do such type of things because your daughter can do her study on an Internet. Yashpal asks really? Police Officer asks Durga what you have read in your class? Durga replies that I read Pythagoras theorem. Police Officer do a google for this theorem and shows computer’s screen to Durga. She gets happy and says that, this is so simple and I can easily understand this.

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Police Inspector says that you have to take you daughter to the Internet Cafe for one hour daily and then she can easily do study. Yashpal gets happy and says thank you to him. Here Durga and Yashpal are coming out from the Police Station. They both are talking to each other like how Saraswati Sir came to know abut their presence. Durga replies that I told to my friends that I don’t want to study there. Maybe they did everything and sends us tot he Police Station. Yashpal gets angry and shouts very badly.

Meri Durga 16th February 2017 Written Update:-

But later Yashpal says to Durga that I am going to arrange Internet service for you. Durga asks how will we go to the school? Yashpal says no, we have to go somewhere else. He takes Durga and starts to eat golgappa’s. Both are looking very happy. Here Amrita is making lord ganpati’s idol. She is filling colors in it. Suddenly, Rishi is coming at Amrita’s home and starts to show something by opening his chain. Suddenly, Annapurna is coming there and calls Amrita’s name. Here Durga and Yashpal are coming back to the home. In between their way, Durga asks Yashpal that why are you running behind me always by taking books. Yashpal looks on.

Annapurna asks Rishi are you here? Rishi replies yes. He handovers some sweets to her by saying that my mother was sending these sweets for you. Annapurna asks why? There is no need for these sweets. Rishi says that you called me son from one side and another side you denied to accept these sweets. Annapurna takes those sweets and says to Amrita to drop Rishi outside the home. Rishi sits over his bike and shows a mirror to Amrita. She feels shy after to see a color on her face.

Meri Durga 16th February 2017 Written Episode:-

Here a coaching sir is coming in Principal’s room and asks him to do signatures on the list. Principal checks out the form and gets shocked to see the list. He says that you have selected 21 girls and 7 boys. Why are you considering so many girls instead of the boys. Everytime Boy brought medal here and if these girls won’t bring medal then my job will getting into a problem. Coach sir says that you don’t worry, whenever get that girl who is made for becoming a winner then you will say thank you to me. Here Durga scolds her friends by saying that you guys were putting me in a big problem. She tells everything to them about jail. They are running away from me. Here Yashpal is coming to talk to Internet Cafe owner. He says him that my Durga will study here and your Internet will help her. So please let her to use an Internet. He replies that you don’t worry kakaji, I will give keys to you in an evening and you will return my key in the morning.  Here Shila is saying something in her son’s ear. He says you don’t worry maa, I will do everything.

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