Meri Durga 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 18th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which the Yashpal is coming to talk to one mobile shopkeeper about the old mobile. He says that your brother is also having a mobile recharge shop then why are you coming here. If you will tell him then he will bring a smart-phone for you. Shila says to her husband that I am worried to think about Amrita that what will I do for you. She says to her husband that if we will give this smart-phone to Amrita.

Here Shweta’s friend Neha is asking her that from where you will get 2100 Rs. Shweta is making an excuse but Neha forced him to tell the truth. Shweta tells everything to Neha that I  got this money from Yashpal’s pocket. Neha scolds her very badly. Durga comes there and slaps her very badly and calls her as a thief. She added that my father was passing through a very bad time and you have stolen this money. Durga defamed Shweta in front of all class students.

Meri Durga 18th February 2017 Written Update:-

Here Annapurna is talking to Amrita that I will make jiji’s favorite food because she will be coming tomorrow. Yashpal is checking his pocket and gets 2100 Rs. He gets so happy and thinks that from where this money came? Amrita and Annapurna are getting shocked too. But he remembers that, this is the same money which get lost from his hands. All people are getting so happy.

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Durga is coming there and says that maybe lord Ganesha got happy from you and that’s why he gave you this money. Durga says him to prepare your specs now. Yashpal says that no, I have to bring a smart phone for you through which you will easily do your study. Suddenly, Brijesh is coming there and says that I already brought this phone for you. This phone is especially for Amrita through which she will easily talk to Rishi. Apart from this, Durga will also do her study.

Meri Durga 18th February 2017 Written Episode:-

Durga is coming back to the home. In the next day morning, Sarpanch Suraj Bhaan is coming at Durga’s home and calling Yashpal outside. Brijesh is coming there and welcomes him. He asks what happened? Sarpanch Sahab starts to threaten Brijesh very badly. Here Yashpal is going to the hospital with Amrita just to consult Doctor about Amrita’s problem. Then the Doctor says that why are you saying all this. In the same clinic, Amrita meets Dulari. She gets shocked to see Dulari there.

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