Meri Durga 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which the Yashpal is coming to his home and gives 200 Rs. to his wife. She asks him from where he brought this money? Yashpal makes an excuse. He says that the Principal Sir was giving some work to me. So that I earned this money. She asks him why are you telling a lie? Yashpal says don’t you ask so many questions to me. She replies ok.

Here Durga and her friends are going to the market. Her friends are buying kites. They are convincing Durga to purchase kite for her. Durga denies and says that I am going to hear only my father. So that I didn’t buy any kite. He told me to study only. So that I never see towards the kite. They are asking her that whether she will fly kite on Sankranti or not? Durga says no I won’t fly kite on this festival.

Durga’s mother and Chachi are talking to each other about Amrita’s marriage. Suddenly, Chachi sees some money. She says this money is mine because I know my husband was giving this money to Yashpal. Durga’s mother replies that the money given by your husband was stolen by someone. Durga’s mother is about to open a box.

Meri Durga 2nd February 2017 Written Update:-

Durga’s mother tells everything to Chachi that Durga’s father was doing extra work after the school job just to earn money. He is doing hard work even his legs get swollen. He spends so many night without to sleep. Amrita is seeing everything. Amrita is coming there and sees them. She hears their conversation too. She starts to shiver very badly. Later she falls down on the floor very badly. Amrita’s mother and Chachi are running towards her. They are getting tensed.Later Yashpal is getting tensed and asks his wife that why has Amrita fallen down like this? Read more-> Meri Durga 3rd February 2017 written update

Yashpal asks his wife that what happened? How was she getting faint? She replies that I am responsible for this, even I told everything to Amrita’s Chachi. That time Amrita heard everything. Brijesh asks when the pandit ji and other people will come here in an evening then we will bring Amrita in front of them or not? Yashpal says that I will tell them everything about Amrita’s problem. Dadi scolds Yashpal by saying that your one step will break this relationship. Yashpal says that if we will tell them a lie then our daughter’s life will be getting ruined. Brijesh and Dadi are saying to Yashpal that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright only when you will keep quite yourself.

Meri Durga 2nd February 2017 Written Episode:-

Later Brijesh wife is saying to her husband that you don’t have money for my children like they want to eat Pizza but you are not giving money to them instead to pay anything else. He gets angry and goes from there. Later all people are flying kites in the sky but Durga is trying to control herself for not going outside because if she will go outside then she won’t control herself from flying kites.

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